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  • Wed, 16:08: Also, all stories on smart desks ought to include grabs from original Tron with Dillinger's desk
  • Wed, 16:12: Oh dear. The Internet of Things With Compromised Certificates
  • Wed, 16:20: Coo, when did Finjan switch from being a real security company to an NPE suing Palo Alto Networks?
  • Wed, 16:27: My success rate on getting people to turn off spammy stats tweets when I ask is 100%. If you've got Sumall/Unfollow please turn them off!
  • Wed, 16:36: RT @stevesi: On @SquawkAlley @Synchronoss CEO says 90% families have two mobile OS. Also says reactivation of old phones "cascade" is "huge…
  • Wed, 16:54: RT @ericlaw: Web Host "lost" the private key for the CSR they generated. HTTPS is hard?
  • Wed, 17:17: Reddit. All human life is there....
  • Wed, 17:18: RT @yammeradam: "Golden Age comes when children become most valued members of society and teaching the most respected profession." Butchere…
  • Wed, 17:20: RT @AlisonTyler: Oh, I want this. For all of the editors out there—especially the ones who have helped clean up my work!
  • Wed, 17:28: 400 people asking for Linux support for Azure RemoteApp #yearofthelinuxdesktop
  • Wed, 17:32: Thanks to modern PCs & cloud, my years of carefully honed skills identifying steps to set up a PC quickly & for good battery life=obsolete
  • Wed, 17:37: So it's China messing up Net Applications' XP numbers? XP in China is such a political football, maybe we stats without C wld be more useful
  • Wed, 17:39: And hey, Windows 8 update was always better than the stats showed because flawed stats models are flawed? Shocked, I tell you, shocked
  • Wed, 17:45: RT @Pinboard: Better metaphor is a “how to win at roulette” conference sponsored by the major casinos. Weird how no one sees the SV conflic…
  • Wed, 17:57: Azure peeps! Would your security prevent this? ;) xkcd: Rack Unit via @mminasi
  • Wed, 18:07: More T-SQL support for greater SQL Server compatibility coming soon to Azure SQL Database
  • Wed, 18:07: RT @andrewbrust: BTW, new Power BI user interface is all HTML. #LookMaNoSilverlight #Summit14
  • Wed, 18:14: RT @andrewbrust: Announcement: New Azure Machine Learning free tier now available! No cred card or Azure subscription needed. Just MS acct…
  • Wed, 18:39: RT @PennyRed: Happy 5th. Here's Guy Fawkes' signature before and after torture. Schoolkids are taught this. (h/t @HeatherLWEllis) http://t.…
  • Wed, 19:03: RT @netik: The Internet is full of wrong today. I've seen no fewer than three companies announce "innovations" that existed 7-10 yrs ago.
  • Wed, 19:10: RT @headhntr: I love everything about key management, except for the exchanging, replacing, storing, generating, verifying, and revoking pa…
  • Wed, 19:17: RT @globalwebindex: American internet users in 1995 represented 81% of the total worldwide internet population. In 2013 however they make u…
  • Wed, 19:50: RT @LettersOfNote: Martha Graham’s advice to fellow dancer & choreographer Agnes de Mille:
  • Wed, 20:10: RT @XboxSupport: If you were seeing trouble signing into Xbox live, you should be good to go! Still having difficulties accessing content? …
  • Wed, 20:16: Actually it's about the ethics of taking things out of context
  • Wed, 20:33: RT @heydonworks: If HTML was a gun: "Hold it like this" "Why are you pointing it at your own head?" "This is just an example"
  • Thu, 00:38: RT @resing: Did you know? You can convert an Project to an App for Office or #SharePoint in Visual Studio http://t.c…
  • Thu, 00:38: RT @agiletortoise: If you were wondering how pathetic the iPad app market is...Phraseology sold 8 units yesterday and jumped into the Produ…
  • Thu, 00:40: RT @MSIntune: Windows Phone 8.1: How to configure settings not available in the GUI & extending the inventory using MOF files
  • Thu, 00:47: RT @DellChannel: Going private has unleashed us. It's allowed us to be bold. We've redefined and focused on our customer's success. -@Micha
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