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  • Mon, 12:55: Well, that should kill Coin; Obama's order is only for federal credit cards but the reader roll out has started
  • Mon, 13:54: Wow! Actual, physical mail phishing spam they spent money to send!
  • Mon, 14:42: RT @trengriffin: If the purchase price of assets is negative $1.5B, is it really a sale? I don't see evidence of IBM getting below market p…
  • Mon, 14:42: RT @InTheCloudMSFT: it's no fun buying MSFT products but never deploying them. here's a program that pays to get things up and running. htt…
  • Mon, 14:53: $4.5 out of $70 billion; Microsoft is investing a *lot* in the future when today's cloud numbers are that small fraction
  • Mon, 14:57: the start of a complete generation of Windows that's as much a service as it is an OS that runs across many devices
  • Mon, 14:57: Misguided predictions about 'Windows as a service' in 5,4,3...
  • Mon, 15:19: RT @clemensv: The "things" vendors are so overwhelmed with IoT that "open source" and "open protocol standard" and "open interface" blur in…
  • Mon, 15:21: RT @debina: BYODev and the user developer movement good arguments from @sbisson
  • Mon, 15:23: Interesting: WLPG style auto face tagging for Windows 8.1 (MSR, not a full Microsoft app)
  • Mon, 19:21: RT @andrewbrust: Azure compute power will be made available for research community to tackle Ebola crisis.
  • Mon, 19:22: RT @McFunkypants: How can we change this dismal trend? When Women Stopped Coding
  • Mon, 19:24: Regretting picking hyperspace as my bingo buzzword drinking game
  • Mon, 19:30: So Ms spending $4.5bn annually 2x AWS spend 6x Google spend explains its 19 regions that are 2x AWS 6x Google regions
  • Mon, 19:34: So AWS may be driving down cloud compute/storage costs; Microsoft matches those prices but adding high end new VM plans should lift revenue
  • Mon, 19:39: Azure in a box, at last. For enterprises that want something that weighs as much as a baby elephant
  • Mon, 19:43: RT @mappingbabel: Microsoft talking up its $4.5bn spend on expanding cloud each year. Funny how cos that spend sub $150m on CapEx say it do…
  • Mon, 19:48: What's different about CPS vs Azure fast track hardware? Utterly standardised & automated hardware & software, not just certified hardware
  • Mon, 19:49: Cloudier; nice that you can run it on Azure, must more important that it connects big data right to Excel and PowerBI
  • Mon, 19:50: A couple more mentions for Azure ML as an important cloud service; machine learning democratised
  • Mon, 21:32: I have literally never used two finger scroll on a surface. Except I just brushed crumbs off my trackpad and wait, what...
  • Mon, 21:32: RT @sbisson: Inside Microsoft's Cloud Platform System. I spoke to the team behind it in Redmond for @citeworld. (tip…
  • Mon, 21:34: @alex Alex! That 'CEO stood down' phrase. It does not mean what you think it means
  • Mon, 21:36: With 19 regions, investing in Azure data centres must be a fantastic way for Microsoft to repatriate overseas profits as capex ;)
  • Mon, 22:13: RT @asymco: Mac revenues overtook iPad revenues. Oh the shame.
  • Mon, 22:50: RT @DrPizza: @ryanburk @SwiftOnSecurity if you thought the Android update experience was shit, get a load of the BIOS update experience!
  • Mon, 22:53: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: BIOS updates on business-class machines are not like the old days. We've done thousands of updates with no failures. T…
  • Tue, 01:15: RT @mappingbabel: @gideonro I just find it very perturbing to see so many people calling Medium a publisher when it is growing via unpaid l…
  • Tue, 01:21: RT @bdsams: "Windows 10 was your idea thanks to all your feedback so if you hate it you can only blame yourself" would make for a good tagl…
  • Tue, 10:31: Microsoft Cloud Platform System: automation from delivery to patching gets you private cloud at cloud speed
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