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  • Mon, 18:57: RT @jeb_: Let me clarify: With the help of MS, we've been working on a MC:PE Windows Phone port for a while, already before MS bought Mojan…
  • Mon, 19:06: RT @DevOpsMachine: @MSH_Dave @jsnover Indeed,but we really need it. We still build 2K8R2 srvs thanks to some lousy vendor support for 2012R…
  • Mon, 19:10: RT @arebee: The comments on this article are laughable, Windows XP Pre SP2 era stuff... via @daingfireball Also: aut…
  • Mon, 19:12: RT @jonathanbaltz: My secret agenda of the past 4 years has come to fruition: Microsoft at Dreamforce
  • Mon, 19:23: What async programming model would a mother used to dealing with toddlers/work/housework/etc all at once design? Bet not just MVVC
  • Mon, 19:29: How can the web have living standards unless it has living tutorials that auto stay up to date?
  • Mon, 19:34: RT @leighalexander: More offensive than harassment to me is slimy, pandering 'both sides' rhetoric. Great Jon Stone piece in the Guardian h…
  • Mon, 19:38: Cringely: IBM is marketing a 2016 line of Power8 vaporware against a 2014 Intel spec
  • Mon, 19:47: I get that Ms wants to pretend each new Windows version is de novo & different; but they're not.they're all incremental (in good ways)
  • Mon, 19:51: RT @codefoster: One PowerShell alias you should know: ii. It's short for Invoke-Item. "ii ." opens the current directory in Windows Explore…
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    Sat, 18:06: Seems an ideal time to use duct tape... Sat, 18:11: RT @ pati_gallardo: Well shoot, I guess I need to…

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    Fri, 12:54: RT @ nathanTbernard: Maine instituted a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers last month and there have been non-stop protests…

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    Thu, 12:40: Simon updated his wonderful map of our office to include the cats and it's to scale and shows them in fairly accurate poses. Blue =…

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