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  • Thu, 14:47: RT @IdentityWoman: All I am saying is how digital ID systems are developed and used has huge implications. Its true no matter what era. Now…
  • Thu, 15:00: Wonder if I could get Weird Al to parody Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise as Cats Make Noise
  • Thu, 15:00: RT @stevebmicrosoft: Congrats to MSFT on Minecraft. Also think the more modest dividend increase was wise . Enables investment in mobile fo…
  • Thu, 15:04: Various conversations making my brain ping long between my mental model of internal Apple mindset & internal Microsoft mindset #whiplash
  • Thu, 15:05: RT @EdoErgoSum: Can’t beat 1000 years of practice. #Research finds cross-breeding better than #GMO in crop yields. #agchat #science http:…
  • Thu, 15:07: Azure Backup now offers long term retention (up to 9 years) even if you don't use DPM
  • Thu, 15:09: Want to build on the Office 365 APIs? The first Starter Project, for Windows, is on github, more platforms soon
  • Thu, 16:38: To Apple, a security boundary is something that's in the user's way
  • Thu, 17:16: Spending a little time browsing the Microsoft job postings 1 huge focus on IoT 2 role of SDET hasn't gone away yet
  • Thu, 17:34: Siri, was my last text message really embarrassing?
  • Thu, 19:11: How much of MSR Silicon Valley is affected by today's layoffs?
  • Thu, 19:14: RT @WithinRafael: Bing Predicts: Vote on Scottish Independence Projected Outcome: "No" Final update locked on 17 Sept: 48.7% Yes, 51.3% No
  • Thu, 19:42: Shocked that MSR silicon valley is closing; the work in distributed systems & privacy there has been outstanding. Dryad & Singularity!
  • Thu, 19:52: MSR SV closing is the last of the DEC/Compaq research heritage in the valley
  • Thu, 20:33: Dear Azure: where cloud computing advice is free&responses are (wait for it, it's cloud, you don't have to) legendary
  • Thu, 20:43: For everything that makes me want to clip Microsoft around it's collective ear, there is some other thing that is awesome
  • Thu, 20:55: RT @troyhunt: Decided to wander down to the Telstra store early for the new iShiny. The three people in hoodies and blankets don't seem too…
  • Thu, 21:00: This level of fast development in IE is one of the things that made me think Windows next: So what?
  • Thu, 21:12: RT @SavedYouAClick: Larry Ellison is stepping down as Oracle’s CEO to spend more time being Oracle’s new CTO.
  • Thu, 21:15: RT @adamlashinsky: Weird thing is that $ORCL reporting structure doesn't change at all. Product to Ellison; fin and legal Catz; sales & mar…
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