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  • Fri, 16:39: RT @tromboneforhire: Question: If #XboxMusic offered the ability to rate songs, would you prefer the 'heart' method or the 'stars' method? …
  • Fri, 18:39: RT @edbott: I call bullshit: "The researchers believe their method will work on other operating systems [but] haven't tested..." http://t.c…
  • Fri, 18:41: RT @mims: What if Google's Project Loon is just about bringing internet connectivity to Burning Man?
  • Fri, 18:50: RT @jkendrick: Re: Hi-res screen control on Chromebook -- lowering screen resolution only reasonable fix. Renders good display useless.
  • Fri, 18:58: RT @BrandonLive: Last night I noticed MS seemed to have cleaned up the VLC knock-offs in the Windows Store. This morning there's a new one.…
  • Fri, 19:48: When modern #IE window kiss too small to show whole URL, it shows just the domain, not useless last few URL characters. Lovely bit of design
  • Fri, 20:57: Five minutes with iOS & I'm ready to howl in frustration because it's different & hence confusing. But switchers want to change from current
  • Fri, 20:58: So just because something is not the same as what you had before doesn't make it poorer in itself
  • Fri, 21:12: RT @waxpancake: A yearly reminder to everyone making stuff: For every anonymous idiot trashing you online, there are thousands more that qu…
  • Fri, 21:17: What's that you say? heliostats don't kill all the birds but that's not a good story?
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    Thu, 12:40: Simon updated his wonderful map of our office to include the cats and it's to scale and shows them in fairly accurate poses. Blue =…

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    Tue, 15:08: RT @ stevanzetti: UPDATE: I've been doxxed and defamed by a customer of Epik. Rob Monster just publicly acknowledged the website.…

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    Sun, 14:39: RT @ FinancialTimes: UK graduates face 50% tax rate on additional pay from next April Sun, 14:39: RT…

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