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  • Wed, 23:51: very much not. RT @MattRosoff: One Windows does NOT mean that Windows for ARM is going away.
  • Wed, 23:52: if so many people can get Microsoft Windows strategy so wrong; I don't think Microsoft is unclear. I think people have preconceptions
  • Thu, 00:00: also smart RT @DrPizza: This is why I feel that Steve Ballmer is endlessly enjoyable and one reason that I miss him!
  • Thu, 00:01: for heavens sake people, Satya even talked about processor tapeout. that's Microsoft making its ARM chips for Surface RT. let alone phone RT
  • Thu, 00:02: RT @MobileGalen: 1/3 So I never have to answer these PR inquiries again (I wish!) Did you get my press release? YES Do you take”contribut…
  • Thu, 11:05: Hosted BES 10; if BlackBerry had done now of this before it would be in far better shape
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