Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Fri, 13:57: I've been following Cyc's knowledge gathering & inference building since it started in 1984; so cool it's still going
  • Fri, 14:09: Google shouldn't be the entity deciding which links get pulled; should require some sort of court certification IMHO
  • Fri, 14:59: creative ;) a realistic diving game with a sunken Brony ship #shipping @donkeybassist
  • Fri, 15:54: RT @soundandmusic: ... average salary of a freelance journalist is £5K. Journalism is now participatory, doesn't necessarily pay the bills…
  • Fri, 15:56: happy 'you threw the tea in the harbour because the smugglers didn't like it when we reduced the tea tax' day
  • Fri, 17:25: fancy an office in the woods; a tin tabernacle on wheels you could tow into the woods (and home again)
  • Fri, 20:07: Oh of course the tube has melted down; it's Friday evening... Still, top front seat of a Boris bus, pretending to drive...
  • Fri, 23:35: TIL camouflage Ferraris are a thing and Black Sabbath is now something you take your kids to
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