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  • Wed, 17:23: hey, Google just invented grid design! very flat, very - well, Metro ;)
  • Wed, 17:27: Material design; Adobe Kuhler style colour extraction tool, phone/tablet interface commonality of Windows 8/Phone, fluid effects of Palm
  • Wed, 17:28: RT @sbisson: New Android UI somewhat reminiscent of the Palm Pre. Oh wait, same person...
  • Wed, 17:38: those are giant clunky smartwatches the Google IO presenters are wearing. look like ankle GPS trackers for home arrest
  • Wed, 17:39: card-based interfaces. who ended up with the IP for Palm OS? LG has it for TV, so does it count as abandoned?
  • Wed, 17:41: a year ago Android couldn't do 60fps fast and fluid; catching up to Windows Phone?
  • Wed, 17:48: RT @gcaughey: We would like to see Universal apps work across more platforms than just Windows and Windows Phone. #dotnetconf
  • Wed, 17:53: apparently I can predict Android L features just by mentioning things I like in Windows Phone; battery saver!
  • Wed, 17:56: and 3 years, 2 years, 1 year & 2 months ago RT @jackschofield: Google I/O today sounds just like Microsoft four years ago.....
  • Wed, 17:58: tap dancing around sing remediation not design of OS; does tying security updates to Play cause issues for AOSP security updates?
  • Wed, 18:01: Nice game of Who's On First guys ;)
  • Wed, 18:03: RT @gcaughey: Q. What's happened with WCF? A. Team has been working on but now refocusing attention.
  • Wed, 18:05: no mocking Google Now voice recognition fail; giant keynote stages are not what voice rec is optimised for
  • Wed, 18:05: RT @davidds: Android tries to dispel malware reputation by highlighting process not results.
  • Wed, 18:09: so 5mn? RT @Ohthatflo I repeat: less than half a percent of Android users get malware on their devices. IT'S A PHANTOM THREAT. #googleio2014
  • Wed, 18:19: if the police confiscate your Bluetooth unlock watch along with the phone it unlocks, do they need a warrant to look at it?
  • Wed, 18:20: Android Auto; hey, Google invented MirrorLink!
  • Wed, 18:28: RT @neilstratford: Putting a strap on a phone does not make it a watch. Duh.
  • Wed, 18:30: RT @caseyjohnston: I aspire to live in the state of effortlessly busy luxury that all of the theoretical users of Android Wear do
  • Wed, 18:38: did we get hardware codecs for the Google codecs yet?
  • Wed, 18:47: "we built our own protocol"
  • Wed, 18:49: always has MT @samfbiddle at this point Google is basically designing products for people who work at Google
  • Wed, 18:49: RT @WithinRafael: You can lock down your wifi but your friends can still pwn your TV with Chromecast.
  • Wed, 18:49: RT @charlesarthur: Why do you want to know about Oscar nominated movies from 2002? Or who played Katniss? #io Sound like questions asked by…
  • Wed, 18:53: RT @timanderson: Now the phone unlocks the Chromebook, so I can steal that too :... #googleio
  • Wed, 18:55: if Chromebook is going to be immersive and connected and alive (hey Microsoft phrases, good to see you), going to need touchscreens
  • Wed, 18:57: Samsung gave us Knox so we didn't have to build the same thing all over again ourselves?
  • Wed, 19:06: RT @BenedictEvans: Putting internet video onto the TV is not about a prettier UI. It's about price, replacement cycle, route to market - an…
  • Wed, 19:10: RT @fmanjoo: Another protestor. Says Google builds robots that kills people.
  • Wed, 19:11: RT @edbott: I am surprised that Google does not have a small fleet of security drones to take out these annoying protesters.
  • Wed, 19:13: emoji are a bug? ;)
  • Wed, 19:13: I collect examples of Metro-style design at - please nominate good ones you find (have Android L already ;)
  • Wed, 19:15: RT @timanderson: Greg DeMichelle ex Microsoft and Adobe is on #googleio demoing code the more things change ...
  • Wed, 19:15: RT @dsyme: Status of #fsharp 4.0 lang. design items, with links to uservoice and contributors. Your chance to grab a feature :) https://t.c…
  • Wed, 19:25: RT @stevesi: New gmail API super interesting. Cross-platform continues getting harder; platforms diverge at every layer.
  • Wed, 19:25: Google IO managing to make the Word Cup even less interesting than big data analysis
  • Wed, 19:28: RT @mikebaz: GMail has a REST-based API now? Maybe Office 365 should look [someone whispers in ear] FOR MONTHS? REALLY? Huh.
  • Wed, 19:32: RT @thurrott: Actually, I'm kind of having a Google fit myself.
  • Wed, 19:36: oh look, Windows Phone games hub for android? losing the will to track the range of sincere flattery in this keynote
  • Wed, 19:37: RT @rahulsood: you know what makes games great? people that actually play and understand games ... that's what.
  • Wed, 19:39: the first Google IO giveaway is a piece of cardboard? only thing the crowd is interested in is Moto 360?
  • Wed, 19:42: I've said it of fitness wearables & I'll say it of smartwatches; we have two hands but nobody wants to be double wristing it
  • Wed, 19:51: Google cardboard is Glass for the rest of us? or Oculus box?
  • Wed, 19:51: RT @gisardo: No web, html5, chrome or (true) cross plat at google IO keynote. All android-* stuff. Surprised. #io14
  • Wed, 21:20: google taking author photos out of results, even if you've set up authorship; says searchers don't click more on faces
  • Wed, 21:22: RT @andspo: anyone who went to one of my Windows design & UX workshops *in the last 3yrs* needn't worry to watch the google io design sessi…
  • Wed, 21:25: RT @edbott: The Moto 360 will also be available in a Texas Belt Buckle format. Same exact size.
  • Wed, 21:33: RT @sharatibken: This the the LG G Watch next to the actual watch I wear every day. Pretty big difference. #io14
  • Wed, 21:34: Google needs more than 3% women maybe MT @sharatibken LG G Watch next to the actual watch I wear every day #io14
  • Wed, 22:05: RT @DrPizza: So, Google's new UI guidelines are Microsoft's old UI guidelines, and Android One makes the update and core UI as consistent a…
  • Wed, 22:06: RT @DrPizza: So REMIND ME, why the fuck are Microsoft BACKING DOWN from this stuff in desktop Windows?
  • Wed, 22:06: RT @stephenballot: @DrPizza @getwired they say living document I hear "crock of shit"
  • Wed, 22:09: yes but not by dropping the principles RT @DrPizza: Does Microsoft need to make Windows 8.x *better*? Yes. Absolutely. In all sorts of ways.
  • Wed, 22:11: so @DrPizza is completely right; Microsoft should look at the sincere flattery from Google IO as evidence to stick with Windows 8 principles
  • Wed, 22:16: RT @treestman: “Open [$ANYTHING] Alliance”, from the Latin meaning “designed by committee”.
  • Thu, 11:48: Is the working week designed to make us shop more? Something to factor in to flexible work & responsive orgs
  • Thu, 11:49: RT @MSFTY: My school got a fuckton of iPads and a fuckton of Chromebooks. Do they ever use them? no. They use the afterthought Windows 7 de…
  • Thu, 11:53: RT @journoian: Institutional investors being asked to reconsider how they value companies with poor cyber security. #cyberdefence @WestminB
  • Thu, 11:55: RT @clemensv: The mental shift to cloud-scale HA requires accepting that any node or resource provider may be irrecoverably gone on the nex…
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