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  • Tue, 12:13: Today's mail merge fail; I have *never* been known as Ramblinrick ;)
  • Tue, 13:16: How good is the Windows Phone shape swiping keyboard? Well I just wrote and posted an 800 word blog with it...
  • Tue, 14:14: RT @reckel: .@BillGates "One of the things I’m proudest Microsoft is the creation and growth of Microsoft Research"
  • Tue, 14:18: RT @Alex_A_Simons: We've just turned on 90 day free trials of Azure AD Premium. Learn more here:
  • Tue, 14:27: RT @edbott: Any Surface Pro 2 owners out there interested in a dock and Power Cover? Have both for sale.
  • Tue, 14:39: RT @mavnn: This is good to see: community cross platform language changes being merged into Microsoft #fsharp compiler
  • Tue, 15:17: RT @qmulbioethics: Cthulhu convicted of nameless horrors, Nyarlothep acquitted on all charges because jury went mad. (HP Sayers)
  • Tue, 15:21: the Monsanto house of the future at Disneyland only lasted ten years. feels like that's a metaphor for the philosophy of GM foods
  • Tue, 15:22: RT @bdsams: Curious, do those who say 'iOS' is super secure…realize that every single jailbreak is because of a security vulnerability?
  • Tue, 15:34: Windows RT not dead yet #92 Azure Remote App preview gets RT client support (tho still not admin-uploaded apps)
  • Tue, 17:06: is Microsoft disingenuous when it talks about protecting customer privacy from government? listen to @BradSmi and make up your own mind
  • Tue, 17:26: RT @swardley: Biggest threat to our economic system has nothing to do with robots & everything to do with people, specifically declining so…
  • Tue, 17:27: thanks tweetdeck; you left off the @bradsmi link
  • Tue, 17:30: RT @apbarros: Wanna know the pwd for the Brasil world cup security center WiFi nw? It's on the whiteboard ;-) #fail
  • Tue, 17:36: we believe encouraging user to create strong, unique passwords more important than honoring autocomplete=off on forms
  • Tue, 17:38: is Google Oauth still having problems? or is Nest just not letting us set up the smoke alarm because I don't like Google+?
  • Tue, 21:46: so the Exchange Online outage was the spam filters (EOP); given how high a portion of email is spam these days it needs a lot of resources
  • Tue, 21:47: so was there an unusual amount of spam today or was it all those CASL requests?
  • Tue, 22:20: RT @iainthomson: Massive mobile malware network used by cops globally This story appears to have been removed from G…
  • Tue, 22:39: RT @shanselman: I have seen the glorious future of the Internet of Things, and it is a 2 hour firmware update for the wi-fi light bulbs in …
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