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  • Mon, 13:59: RT @shanselman: I'm in a meeting right now talking about a possible future for Windows Live Writer. I think 20k RTs of this would help.
  • Mon, 14:16: Using FPGA for CPU offload; like taking the useful bits out of a graphics card & into your data centre. Nice MSR idea, should fit Bing well
  • Mon, 15:17: IE Dev Channel looks like the new, faster @ie cadence we were promised at Build
  • Mon, 15:19: github for bugs in the IE Dev Channel release!
  • Mon, 15:20: RT @Carnage4Life: Remember there is no correlation between how hard it is the build a feature and how much your customers value it #FlappyB
  • Mon, 15:22: new Microsoft; I see news from product devs on twitter 15 minutes before the PRs mail about the story
  • Mon, 15:41: Signed up for half a day of native programming sessions at Native Summit, conveniently it's A in London B afternoon
  • Mon, 15:55: I see 'Metro IE' is now called the immersive experience #pickaname!
  • Mon, 16:48: RT @marcusash: 2, Real plan is about #Cortana on #WindowsPhone. Make it so good that #WindowsPhone customers get everyone they know on #Win
  • Mon, 16:54: always thought Ms kept patents infringed by android secret to avoid infrigers working around them but the list is too comprehensive for that
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