Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Thu, 12:40: Interesting to see Harry Shum pulling together a design organization across Microsoft
  • Thu, 12:41: as you look at the hierarchy in Microsoft these days, it looks like cloud and Windows Phone teams have taken over the company quietly
  • Thu, 14:00: SafeType; standardised autocorrect policy. Strict; no swearies at all. Moderate; just polite swearies. Off; full George Carlin pottymouth
  • Thu, 14:25: Dear trendy London hotel. It is in the high 60s. You do not need to have the fire on. No love, me
  • Thu, 18:21: Dear all PRs; if your invitation email is just a picture with an RSVP email address, make it clickable so I can actually, you know, RSVP...
  • Thu, 19:00: Handy list of glues, putty, mending clay and other useful thick fixatives for those DIY moments
  • Thu, 19:41: underpaid overworked open source developers who don't use a security design lifecycle considered harmful? you don't say...
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