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  • Wed, 12:01: RT @mims: Just think how revolutionary the light switch would seem if until now we'd all been forced to control our homes through smartphon…
  • Wed, 12:05: give me features I bought device for MT @timanderson Secret of good ratings for mobile app: deep integration w native says Barclays (re WP)
  • Wed, 12:10: UK police need mobile access because police stati0ons are starting to close during the day (to beat police not to public) to save money!
  • Wed, 13:32: Beyond Cortana: What artificial intelligence means for the future of Microsoft #zdnet
  • Wed, 14:04: Finally got a go with @surface 3 (prototype as used by Microsoft UK MD; thanks Michel!). Love it!
  • Wed, 18:56: RT @maryjofoley: Users of Microsoft's CRM app for Win 8.1 can access data offline (not just a CRM Online capability any more):
  • Wed, 18:58: Apple design; subtle, understated. Dr Dre; spends $40 million on a mansion with a moat. hmmm
  • Wed, 18:58: RT @wilw: What they want me to do: sign in to read the article. What I do: close the tab in my browser and sigh.
  • Wed, 20:08: RT @jcenters: Interesting that iCloud Drive will come to Windows, but apparently not OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • Wed, 20:11: RT @ReneVe6a: Perspective: SanDisk SSD 960GB drive costs $599. In 1988, I bought a Seagate 10MB drive for $600.
  • Wed, 20:23: while we're on the Microsoft AI topic, Power BI is the first 'machine learning as a service' product I can think off. huge leap forward
  • Wed, 22:14: I've been doing my accounts in excel for years. this is the only year it's been crashing
  • Wed, 22:15: been doing my accounts in Excel for years. first time it's started crashing EVERY TIME I paste in lots of cells. does not want
  • Wed, 22:20: London friends MT @nickjamesmorris a week since Juno went missing in Muswell Hill/Ally Pally. Call 07775531593 REWARD
  • Thu, 00:55: RT @micheinnz: .@Wendy_RM @ashedryden "They" as a singular has been around since Shakespeare's day. Get used to it.
  • Thu, 11:31: Judging by that pr0n mobile browsing story, noone at Gizmodo has ever actually used Windows Phone. Pro tip guys; it's not IE Mobile any more
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