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  • Thu, 06:13: can I get a glass of whatever @fxshaw is drinking without playing the drinking game?
  • Thu, 06:18: @Pete_Brown @cwilso completing my task for the day by introducing you two ;)
  • Thu, 06:32: RT @bschorr: RT @kgoutsos: Just found out you can use @msonenote paragraph links anywhere. If OneNote isn't installed; web version loads in…
  • Thu, 07:40: fascinating 2009 Ms language design that powers Cortana; Rx is fruit of our efforts to come up with a general model of async computations
  • Thu, 07:40: that @reactivex quote from monads & LINQ FTW
  • Thu, 07:49: easy to mistake .net for just Silverlight/wpf presentation but things like reactive programming show it's far more
  • Thu, 08:05: writing up an interview with a security co CTO last month; he predicted mobile ransomware ramping up. good call from Palo Alto Networks ;)
  • Thu, 08:46: no. being flagged by SmartScreen can mean you're malware or that you just don't have app reputation yet
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