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  • Sat, 18:52: Amazon is not a bookshop, it's a logistics company and it's behaving like one (ie badly)
  • Sat, 20:42: I said I'm on the plane... Off to Dallas on the way to Houston. Bye Seattle!
  • Sun, 00:36: RT @kurtsh: Reasons Microsoft is in the browser business #4: IE is just a shell over an HTML engine used to render Windows help, Admin cons…
  • Sun, 02:31: RT @aurosan: Between Conchita winning Eurovision and Michael Sam being drafted and kissing his boyfriend onscreen, bigots are having the wo…
  • Sun, 06:13: network admins, here is your challenge RT @shanselman: This hotel is apparently a FidoNet node, the internet is so bad.
  • Sun, 06:15: I know some guys MT @charlesfitz Hope giant E appears outside Netscape reunion (paging IE team alums in Bay Area...)
  • Sun, 06:18: RT @ch9: Some people are saying they haven't heard about the TechEd live stream... feel free to pass this along:
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