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  • Sun, 12:49: Heartbleed fallout; " it passes understanding we still tolerate such ad hoc development processes"
  • Sun, 13:06: If being archbishop is that unpleasant for a sensitive person what does it say about the church?
  • Sun, 18:18: RT @dinodaizovi: CVE 2014-1776 is the first IE 0day discovered in the wild that Microsoft won't fix for XP. This'll be interesting to watch…
  • Sun, 18:24: RT @karaswisher: Calling a woman a whore while saying you abhor violence against women is a rather large disconnect in Chahal post: http://…
  • Sun, 18:31: Wait, what's the difference between "intimate partner violence" and "domestic violence"? Very thin hair to split
  • Sun, 18:34: That "IE vulnerability"? It's a Flash attack. Again. Disable Flash & enable only for trusted sites shld be standard
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