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  • Thu, 16:03: RT @mikebaz: "[Microsoft] added native remote desktop support in Windows 8" really? that's your story and you're sticking to it?
  • Thu, 17:38: hey @ie how often does the tab list sync between phone and Windows ie? list of phone tabs always about an hour out of date on my Surface
  • Thu, 17:43: ooh-er RT @moorehn: "We've been under-penetrating our clients." Morgan Stanley $MS earnings call.
  • Thu, 17:53: how often does the tab list sync between phone and Windows ie? list of phone tabs always about an hour out of date on my Surface #askie
  • Thu, 17:58: Google camera app getting the kind of computational photography I love on Windows Phone; maybe I should try Android again
  • Thu, 18:29: RT @elbetzio: The full .NET framework source-code is now browsable online - #OpenSource #dotnet
  • Thu, 18:39: As long as Nearby Friends is turned on, Facebook tracks your location every 15 minutes or so; um, no thanks
  • Thu, 19:44: RT @sbisson: Dear world. Please note, Britain is now closed until Tuesday. Love, the British.
  • Thu, 20:36: seventeen syllables. national haiku day; that's today
  • Thu, 20:57: RT @blowdart: Really people? Unfollower stats? Forgot those losers who abandoned you. Spit on their graves!
  • Thu, 21:15: if the story about telling Ukrainian jews to register is a hoax/fake/agitprop, it's convinced a lot of people; check sources & cites
  • Thu, 21:25: good roundup of sources on how Ukrainian jewish registration story is both fake & still a sign of worrying things
  • Thu, 21:29: Ballmer and Nadella started the #cortana project back in 2009
  • Thu, 21:30: if @tomwarren turns his tweets from today into a slideshow it would be like Henry Blodgett goes on holiday ;)
  • Thu, 21:39: If the #askie chat didn't answer all your @ie questions, perhaps they're covered here
  • Thu, 21:40: RT @samfbiddle: I can’t believe it took MONTHS for a guy to start uploading subway creepshots with google glass!
  • Thu, 23:37: I think Windows Phone 8.1 dumps games into All apps so you can pin them, now Games hub doesn't have recent games any more
  • Thu, 23:44: New Twitter beta won't install without knowing my location? Is that new? I don't want Twitter to know where I am
  • Thu, 23:50: Why is the Twitter beta counting down updating the People hub? I'm not going to like this, am I...
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