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  • Tue, 02:54: And I can't even control an app's notification settings until after I've received a notification? Way too app centric :(
  • Tue, 03:06: The comma key is gone from the qwerty Windows Phone keyboard; stops the space/comma error, slows down those of use who *use* punctuation
  • Tue, 03:09: Yay, the comma key is an option in the keyboard /advanced settings; must be hidden in the recommended settings I accepted h/t @drpizza
  • Tue, 03:21: I ❤ Radio ad just mentioned Windows Phone alongside Google and App Store. Not ironically, that's huge progress for mindshare
  • Tue, 03:36: Oh, now I have to write my photo upload text again for each share contract :( visible bridge gap
  • Tue, 03:39: Really, Windows Phone? I type "I have to" and you suggest the next word is 💩 ? WTF?
  • Tue, 03:40: Discovering how much I hate the official Twitter WP client now I have to use it to see mentions. OK WP, you can say 💩 now
  • Tue, 04:01: Me & People tiles were people centric, integrated. Action Center is app centric. Not the same personal feel, not the philosophy I liked
  • Tue, 04:11: @BucksterMcgee the complete history of notifications across all my networks from days past in one place
  • Tue, 04:18: Trying to connect Facebook for a pinned contact. Link their contact it says. But I already have :( no connections for me :(
  • Tue, 04:35: Hey Windows Phone; showing me a web page about Cortana while WiFi connects makes it look like I already connected. Misleading when I haven't
  • Tue, 04:46: RT @winphoneninja: @marypcbuk Thinking about your photo-sharing scenario. We could use an app that shares (photos/text) to multiple social …
  • Tue, 04:56: So many lovely things in Windows Phone 8.1 but losing Notifications for Action Center makes me so sad #mycheese
  • Tue, 04:59: RT @gcaweir: So... What's the point of the Windows Phone Games hub now that all my games have been dumped into the App List?
  • Tue, 07:27: Alas, we never get to see everyone or do everything we want to in silicon valley. Home tomorrow after SQL insights, thanks to everyone
  • Tue, 08:04: For those wondering what it is from Windows Phone 8 I'm talking about
  • Tue, 08:39: RT @VirtualTal: So uh.. If you're a VMware customer, I guess just unplug everything and come back after Easter.
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