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  • Wed, 16:46: I'm guessing Microsoft decided it could overpower the dubious image search results for the #cortana name
  • Wed, 16:48: if @joebelfiore has Cortana on his Lumia 1520 that should mean definite upgrades ;)
  • Wed, 16:52: careful distinction between private info you share only with Cortana on the phone and when you agree to have the cloud service know about it
  • Wed, 16:53: RT @edbott: Cortana reads the email on your phone, The service doesn't have that access. Key differentiator from Google Now. #privacy #bldw
  • Wed, 16:56: looks like Eric Horvitz's MSR research on who can interrupt you when finally going live; I saw that in 2008
  • Wed, 17:08: RT @RudyHuyn: Thank @joebelfiore for the opportunity to work closely with the Windows Phone team on 8.1! #proudToBeAMicrosoftFan
  • Wed, 17:13: Microsoft demonstrating exactly why users hate IT touching their phones by taking Wordament off @joebelfiore 's Lumia Icon #mdm #build2014
  • Wed, 17:17: so did Microsoft licence the smarts for Wi-Fi Sense from Devicescape or build it from scratch, I wonder
  • Wed, 17:30: about once a day I open the start screen by trying to touch the IE icon on my taskbar; I didn't want the start button there ;)
  • Wed, 17:33: not quite enough detail but how to turn on enterprise mode in IE
  • Wed, 17:40: difference between Microsoft and *nix humour; Treadwell's AFD would have been "yet another" freaking driver in the *nix world ;)
  • Wed, 17:41: you could call Apple's Pages etc a universal app, since they took out desktop features to align with iOS #snark
  • Wed, 17:47: RT @thurrott: So if I'm hearing this right. Windows Phone has gone from Silverlight to WinPRT to WinRT. In three years.
  • Wed, 17:49: RT @RyannosaurusRex: So IE11 is now on WinPhone 8.1, which means actual recent HTML5/CSS/JS features. Please catch up iOS/Android so I can…
  • Wed, 17:50: were you wondering if WinRT was likely to go away? Microsoft showing a big commitment to it as a development platform, on RT/phone/PC
  • Wed, 17:54: RT @mikebaz: "warnings... I'll ignore those like most of you probably do as well" LOLOLOL #bldwin
  • Wed, 17:57: WinRT/modern touch Office demo; backstage of PowerPoint on RT has a NEW button to make a new slideshow ;)
  • Wed, 18:02: RT @migueldeicaza: We have implemented Universal Projects for Xamarin Studio, will be shipping soon. Works today with new VS for iOS/Androi…
  • Wed, 18:06: so #cortanacashhaveawesome is my new band name #Build2014
  • Wed, 18:13: devs get to use a broker with access to "full power of windows and .net" in sideloaded RT apps; think that's a key missing piece #Build2014
  • Wed, 18:18: google wanted Microsoft to make an html5 YouTube app; instead Microsoft has made a full modern browser that just runs YouTube #build20124
  • Wed, 18:20: tell me again how Microsoft only contributes to open source for sake of hyper-v; WinJS on Apache 2 on Github, will work on accepting pulls
  • Wed, 18:23: RT @sbisson: WinJS as cross platfom and open source. A big deal (as it removes the OS dependencies) #bldwin
  • Wed, 18:28: RT @devhammer: @ActiveNick Miss you? I wasn't even aiming at you. ;-)
  • Wed, 18:30: RT @dstorey: Now WebGL is supported in mobile IE are the same people that claimed IE wasn’t modern going to say the same about mobile Safar…
  • Wed, 18:31: RT @JustinAngel: WinJS vNext will support iOS and Android apps! #bldwin @
  • Wed, 18:39: we don't expect many of you to be building pianos but we are at the point when devices are about the change; Myerson #Build2014
  • Wed, 18:43: RT @Pete_Brown: Windows for IoT will be free. Windows on phones and <9" screen tablets also free now. #bldwin
  • Wed, 18:45: +me several million times RT @blowdart: Oh lord. I hope the start menu is optional.
  • Wed, 18:49: Lumia 1520 in green (with phone 8.,1); might have to be restrained from diving onto the stage to grab it from @selop 's hand
  • Wed, 18:55: RT @matalla: @edbott now that Northwind and Contoso are merging, demo content will change forever.
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @Salcedo_George: "@thurrott: Elop: Low-priced Android devices are NOT getting the latest Android version. All 8.0 Lumias are getting lat…
  • Wed, 19:03: SensorCore can only replace my fitbit if it has no impact on battery life ;) #Build2014
  • Wed, 19:04: Nokia showing it understands the markets; Lumias coming elsewhere first, not in US till July
  • Wed, 19:11: RT @brianleroux: This new MSFT gets it: the browser, open source, JS, connected devices, and mobile. #bldwin
  • Wed, 19:13: RT @BrianSHall: Now that Ballmer's gone, all the tech bloggers suddenly discovering the incredible array of tools and services Microsoft ha…
  • Wed, 19:23: Satya Nadella doing so good a job presenting Microsoft strengths that people thing he invented all of them in the last 5 weeks #Build2014
  • Wed, 19:25: RT @petergothard: 90 per cent of APIs consistent between all Windows devices now, says Nadella #bldwin
  • Wed, 19:29: A key phrase @satyanadella keeps using; coevolution of hardware and software. Software doesn't eat the *entire* world on its own
  • Wed, 19:32: RT @clemensv: My CEO talks about latency, speed-of-light-issues, geo-distribution, perf characteristics #DistSys #Microsoft #FYeah
  • Wed, 23:22: showing modern apps on the 8.1 update taskbar is a setting, I don't have to have it if I don't want it #build2014
  • Wed, 23:25: RT @julpepitone: "Big"-style piano, built on windows and running on Intel quark #bldwin
  • Wed, 23:31: RT @edbott: If you have a Surface RT, Surface 2, Lumia 2520, or other Windows RT device, you can now download the Windows 8.1 Update bits f…
  • Wed, 23:33: on Windows Phone 55% of all revenue comes from 99c and $1.29 price points #build2014
  • Wed, 23:38: operator billing is hugely important outside the US; Microsoft has the first phone deal for operator billing on China Mobile
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