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  • Mon, 14:57: hey Santander! how about you send me the OTP I requested before you time my session out for inactivity? just a thought
  • Mon, 16:38: in 2014 does anyone still believe that the Mac OS is "always more secure"? really?
  • Mon, 16:49: liquid nicotine. must be safe since cigarettes are legal. right?
  • Mon, 17:17: turtles all the way down RT @ericlaw Remember kids, walled gardens are safe. Unless the snakes are inside, of course.
  • Mon, 17:21: RT @MattRosoff: Perhaps the most surprising result in this survey of 1100+ IT buyers: only 60% of companies are supporting Windows 8. http:…
  • Mon, 17:23: sending the OTP to allow me to switch phone numbers to my *old* phone number; there is a subtle flaw in this process
  • Mon, 17:29: dammit @ie I was using that feature; I'm infuriated every time I remember ctrl-Q is gone from IE 11
  • Mon, 18:37: I have some of those 'write your message here' T shirts left, Should write on one for Build "Bring back Ctrl-Q!"
  • Mon, 18:38: the SharePoint conference site continues to be annoying long after the conference finishes; #giftthatkeepsongiving
  • Mon, 18:53: RT @AccordionGuy: Wherever Silicon Valley leads, tech culture follows; it's not leading us anyplace good: http://t.c…
  • Mon, 20:15: you've probably read James Mickens' screamingly funny IEE columns; alas not linked in this profile
  • Mon, 21:29: MT @briankrebs Microsoft says 0day exploit targets RTF in Word can be exploited merely by previewing email in Outlook
  • Mon, 21:42: go home @Bing you (or your searching users) are drunk. great also searched for list; last one my favourite
  • Mon, 21:57: RT @Krewell: Posted my notes from last week's GDC. Intel bring out the big Cores, OpenGL ES 3.1 is really a big deal, VR vs. AR: http://t.c…
  • Mon, 21:59: RT @monkbent: Windows Azure being renamed Microsoft Azure is a tremendously big deal for something that will have zero direct effect. Cultu…
  • Mon, 22:16: RT @mtaulty: in attaching a OneDrive photo to a Yammer post I kind of expect the bits to travel cloud->cloud rather than cloud->client->clo…
  • Mon, 22:30: Office Lens; yet another computational photography feature on Windows Phone I used to love on my Exilim. point & shoot is DEAD
  • Mon, 22:32: ok, who cast Frustro on my day? gah...
  • Mon, 22:39: With the Box IPO coming back, dig in to how Box builds Box; they have a cloud approach
  • Tue, 00:46: Good; found the no longer made soap I love on Amazon &it's waiting in my US mailbox. Bad; it's recalled for possible pseudomonas infection:(
  • Tue, 00:56: RT @yammeradam: Are you planning and controlling, or iterating and co-creating? If the former, you are probably on a path to death. http://…
  • Tue, 00:57: RT @ehorley: MT @MichaelBender: Agreed...We just need MS to release a "Learn PowerShell or learn to ask for Fries" press release. cc: @conc
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