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  • Thu, 22:54: RT @shanselman: Teaching @hopscotch to a room of 6 yr olds. Interesting that boy programmers start talking over/interrupting girl programme…
  • Fri, 00:40: RT @cfiessinger: Now use up to 1TB of storage on OneDrive for Business - The Fire Hose - #onedrive :
  • Fri, 01:01: RT @shanselman: It's the replies where the brilliance lies.
  • Fri, 01:04: Pro tip; if you don't manage, secure or audit the channel, accepting confidential info on ANY channel is irresponsible #protectyoursource
  • Fri, 01:07: I pay for plenty of OneDrive for business storage but Windows/Windows Phone integration of consumer OneDrive makes me concentrate on that
  • Fri, 01:13: DirectX 12; bundles sound like MIMD & heap resources sound efficient. Fascinating architecture
  • Fri, 01:14: Also, amused at the whole "if I can't have DX12 on version X of Windows I'll switch to an OS that doesn't have it either" threats
  • Fri, 01:21: RT @kurtsh: "Windows Phone apps are now making 1.5x more revenue per d/l than iOS apps & as much as 8x more than Android apps."
  • Fri, 01:22: RT @ChrisPendleton: I'm hiring Sr. Program Managers for Bing Maps: vector data, GIS, data pipeline peeps. if you're i…
  • Fri, 01:24: RT @blowdart: So if we move email to Dublin it'll piss of Theresa May? Right ... time to send some lobbying emails.
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