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haven't actually hoovered the *cat*...

but we've done lots of stuff that has saved me from getting on with this piece of writing ;-)

After our tour of the south - from east to west and back ;-) - it was nice to take it easy at home; strolling down to the convenience store for Necessities (cat food, cherry coke for sbisson), deciding the baking potatoes were too bakable to chop up for the usual potato/sweet potato/aubergine bake and baking them whole and Tackling the Kitchen.

There's a lot of *stuff* in the kitchen. Several piles of it are waiting to go to Oxfam, quite possibly tomorrow, much of the rest is on shelves. And when we buy nice new things like the Habitat tiffin set in turquoise melamine that really needs to be Shown Off rather than hidden in a cupboard it means moving stuff. We got quite ruthless at this, sorting out cookbooks neither of us feels inspired by (so long Creative Chicken! Adieu Complete Course in Chinese Cookery! Hello Bold Knife and Fork and Chinese Gastronomy, long-ago loans from jinkle - eek!), chucking out old cake tins and the pile of broken teapots that I never got round to claiming on the insurance for and moving stuff like envelopes and batteries into the study. The consolidation left us with two spare empty shelves, even after we put the tiffin set on display and found a home for the plant pots. Plus a tidy table and a tidy windowsill and a clearer work surface and lots more ideas for sorting out other things in the kitchen including possibly doing away with the door altogether....

Now that we've decided to get a Media Center PC the Shuttle XPC I bought to be a media PC for articles was surplus so sbisson applied his engineering skills to taking everything out of the cardboard box and putting it inside the nice shiny metal one. I hadn't realised I'd gone and bought a water-cooled system! I am l33t kewl haxxor d00d 4ear me! and Simon is l33t kewl PC builder... there are lots of nice touches like shiny feet (me: why does it only have shiny feet at the front? Simon: because that's the bit you look at), screw-on blanking plates and way-clever ultra-thin multi-layer ribbon cables for the drives with clips on the frame to keep them in the right place. That's neat in the tidy sense!

Media enjoyed: a very old episode of Frasier I think channel 4 put out by mistake and the last part of the BBC Gaudy Night DVD complete with Edward Petherbridge chattering away and revealing his original oop North accent quite delightfully. The Time Is Right for them to revive the series and do Tallboys as a Christmas special ;-)

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