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  • Wed, 22:10: what's the price per user on whatsapp? compare to Telco user acquisition costs to see if it's a crazy or sensible price
  • Wed, 22:13: RT @mikebaz: TIL that a major customer call center - one I guarantee you all would recognize - is running on OCS 2007 R2 _today_ #LyncConf14
  • Wed, 22:15: RT @cstross: . @modulux The culture of assumed superiority is the key insight: why do they feel so threatened that they have to lash out? c…
  • Wed, 22:49: RT @tomwarren: What the Facebook WhatsApp deal really drives home is the need for a protocol like SMS on the web that is open and everyone …
  • Wed, 22:55: So 16 billion divided by 450 million active users = $40; that's smack dab in typical user acquisition costs.
  • Wed, 22:57: RT @MattRosoff: Afternoon read: Microsoft shows Lync and Skype as "universal communications" tools @sbisson
  • Wed, 22:58: RT @wmpoweruser: VLC for Windows RT finally passes certification
  • Wed, 23:09: Big question is how many existing customers did Facebook just buy; 130mn of 300mn Skype users are NOT Windows users so ~1/3 new customers
  • Wed, 23:25: RT @al3x: Wow I didn’t realize I was following so many M&A experts. Those DIY MBA reading lists must really work.
  • Wed, 23:34: RT @NextTechBlog: Meh
  • Wed, 23:45: Out of band security shim for IE9&10 only; attack thru deleted memory objects which I thought kernel work addressed?
  • Wed, 23:55: Lot of people in my social stream proving they've never sent international SMS
  • Thu, 00:05: RT @jackschofield: A slide from On Device Research last November shows why WhatsApp appealed to Facebook
  • Thu, 02:01: RT @levie: You either buy your existential threat for the lowest amount they'll sell for, or you don't and find out later if you were wrong.
  • Thu, 02:02: RT @blowdart: Also why did facebook pay in lousy fiat currency and not bitcoin? How out of touch are they?
  • Thu, 03:47: RT @bizspark: RT @dgaust: Wow... WhatsApp was a @bizspark startup.
  • Thu, 03:47: RT @sbisson: So did Zuckerberg kill the strawberries himself?
  • Thu, 03:48: Is Microsoft 15 or 16 billion a year businesses now? I forget...
  • Thu, 04:42: RT @zephoria: Tonite I learned that there are services that help authors secretly buy books shipped everywhere to game best sellers lists. …
  • Thu, 04:45: RT @sbisson: Sushi at Shibuya, great Japanese beers: so a new @untappd badge in the shape of Rising Sun.
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