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  • Mon, 15:09: RT @GlennF: I’m disturbed when journalism starts with anecdotes/facts I know from actual first-hand knowledge to be incorrect or misstated.
  • Mon, 15:13: Pro tip. Microsoft already has a silicon valley campus... and an office in San Francisco. Oh and the Yammer office in the Twitter building
  • Mon, 15:18: Handily, @jnack illustrates why some people think you *have* to be in Silicon Valley. as if propinquity equated to air-borne inspiration
  • Mon, 15:20: RT @greenhousenyt: The main "think tank" opposing a higher minimum wage is actually run by a restaurant-industry-backed P.R. firm. http://…
  • Mon, 15:33: RT @MattRosoff: @edbott I think Microsoft should move to the North Pole so it can be closer to Santa. That ought to help Surface sales!
  • Mon, 15:38: RT @k8em0: #MSBounties pay up to $100,000 for new mitigation bypass *techniques*, not individual bugs. Guidelines here:
  • Mon, 15:50: oh gawd, the dotcom excesses are back on track
  • Mon, 16:14: or moving? ;) RT @k8em0: Disruption of markets takes more than money. #MSBounties #TheSAS2014
  • Mon, 16:37: when did I stop being able to open an FTP site in Explorer OR what am I doing wrong that Explorer sends FTP back to browser?
  • Mon, 16:45: big data is a business thing, points out Bain. companies do not thrive by tech alone
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