Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Lovely birthday!

I was 30something yesterday - I know this because that's what my birthday card said! The only work I did all day was going to a presentation and that was it was over lunch at tghe Ivy :-) tomato and basil galette, yummy chicken and honeycomb ice cream... The stained glass is even prettier on the inside, the pianist tinkled soothingly and there were Famous People. Dunno if there was anyone famous on the street where I rushed straight through a film shoot to get to the Ivy but someone say Leslie Garret in the loo and the pr girl spotted Will Carling and a famous NZ rugby player and my camera was pressed into service.

After lunch, and the pub and the white chocolate 'teasers and Simon getting an ear pierced we wandered down to Neals Yard for dropin backrubs, stopping only to buy a devil cat to match the angel cat Simon got me. Oh and I seem to have bought some of these trendy goat foot cloven hoof shoes with pretty chinese embroidery and translucent blue soles - iSoles, as Simon points out :-)

It was raining a leetle to much to hang around for any of the movies we wanted to see so we picked up chinese buns for dinner and joined the local video club to rent Bright Young Things which I think is a lovely poignant film.

And we have a nice weekend coming up: staying with Nat and Neil tonight, lunch in Bath tomorrow, hands on lab class on the science of chocolate on saturday and dinner with kestrel and perlmonger over the weekend too :-) I do like birthdays that just keep carrying on :-)

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors
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