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  • Mon, 13:04: 15 out of Microsoft's 20 public patent licensing deals to Android OEMs struck after Google bought Motorola
  • Mon, 13:16: RT @upulie: WHAT DO WE WANT The use of substantive empirical evidence in making long-term policy decisions WHEN DO WE WANT IT Twenty Years …
  • Mon, 14:11: slip case for the Dell Venue Pro in double-sided quilting fabric, w internal pen loop in case the stylus ever ships
  • Mon, 14:14: Other side of the quilted Venue Pro case with a wrist loop made from an old badge lanyard
  • Mon, 15:02: I should just not once more for the record that @sbisson rocks like a rocking thing
  • Mon, 16:08: Google did win from buying Motorola, but not in the way you might expect #zdnet
  • Mon, 16:40: buying Motorola was Google throwing itself on a grenade over the threat of internecine patent suits from Moto to OEMs
  • Mon, 16:42: best reason yet for the purchase? ;) RT @DrPizza: "ValueAct was upset [by the Nokia purchase]" reports @dinabass Good
  • Mon, 16:42: RT @DrPizza: Microsoft is much stronger as a technology company (as the Super Bowl ad promotes) than an IBM-style enterprise company.
  • Mon, 16:54: Seriously people, I know Bill G is efficient, but where does he get the time to do even more than he already does at Microsoft? not sleep?
  • Mon, 18:04: update on Home OS and Lab of Things, Microsoft's #IoT project
  • Mon, 18:06: that controversial coke ad? queue up at US immigration some time & you see pretty much the extended version; been running at least a year!
  • Mon, 18:34: mob programming; like pair programming but with more people per computer. because source code versioning is hard? sounds weird
  • Mon, 18:46: LOL RT @M_Wein: @marypcbuk mob programming: "nice variables, it'd be a shame if something…happened to them"
  • Mon, 21:26: catching up on the state of memristors and next-generation memory; ear-wormed myself with (animated version)
  • Mon, 22:18: Avoiding Nostril-cam and Postage-stamp People in Mobile Video Conferences: HP used to do some cracking research
  • Mon, 22:21: not the first remote sex toy, but maybe the first one being crowdfunded?
  • Mon, 22:28: technologies I was holding out for; Hailstorm. except google and facebook got to do it, badly.
  • Tue, 01:09: RT @Microsoft: If you liked our Super Bowl commercial, Retweet this to vote for #empowering in @Twitter’s #AdScrimmage!
  • Tue, 01:09: RT @CarmenCrincoli: This is how I feel every time I read an article about activist investors trying to "unlock value" in tech stocks. http:…
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