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  • Sat, 17:21: RT @DonDodge: Stock market caps; Google $395B, Microsoft $314B, IBM $185B, Facebook $153B. Inconceivable 10 years ago. 10 yrs from now?
  • Sat, 17:28: I've always put my longer than most Windows 8 battery life down to using @ie rather than Chrome; benchmarks agree
  • Sat, 17:30: Something weird about the modern version of @ie using more power than the desktop version though
  • Sat, 17:35: After two days (WiFi only) I'm down to 17% battery on the Lumia 1520; only 8 hours use left then (per battery utility)!
  • Sat, 18:51: Much less negative about the free coffee in Waitrose now I'm using it to occupy time while @sbisson gets here with my wallet ;)
  • Sat, 18:56: Handily, our security camera lets me see @sbisson has left the house so I can guess an ETA #betterlivingthroughtech
  • Sat, 18:58: Want to forward this to everyone I know ;) Don’t ban email—change how you work! Any tech, email or not, just a tool
  • Sat, 18:59: Love @stevesi 's idea of irritation canaries ;)
  • Sat, 19:20: RT @MikeRooney: Did you know you can tell if someone is a programmer simply by saying the word "timezones" and seeing if they cringe?
  • Sat, 20:14: That @stevesi post is all about business process &workflow &abuse of technology designed for humans &perverted to automation
  • Sat, 20:15: Neither email nor twitter is good tool for notifications like your code got checked in or your boiler turned on; think process &exceptions
  • Sat, 20:19: Why I don't want a notification centre in WP 8.1; an app for our security cam wld have clogged it w 20 notifications today vs ignore at time
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