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  • Thu, 20:27: Sad news for visitors chez S&M; Pebbles, the cat with the hardest head in the world, died in her sleep at 18 :(
  • Thu, 22:55: it's official; I hate the #Yahoo broken login system with the passion of a thousand burning suns; burning cat crap that is, acrid & fetid
  • Thu, 23:01: hey @flickr could you make the 3-dot ellipsis button for the menu with HALF YOUR FEATURES work with touch in @ie 11; maybe this century?
  • Thu, 23:02: since @flickr so clearly pillaged the Metro design language for the new layout, having it all work in @ie would be the least they could do
  • Thu, 23:10: if you virtualise your POS and have a sucky password policy, you haven't added any security, now have you...
  • Thu, 23:13: Anyone who met Pebbles will recognise her Paw of Command here
  • Thu, 23:34: RT @codepo8: EME WTF?: An introduction to Encrypted Media Extensions -
  • Thu, 23:37: I have all the emotional bile of a rejected romance for Flickr, because it's promised so much & let me down so many times. & it has my money
  • Thu, 23:37: RT @davebost: RT @matthiasshap: Brand new no-contract Windows Phone 8 Lumia 521 for $30? What the what?
  • Thu, 23:40: RT @magacious: Sage advice fm Archbishop of York John Sentamu:stop blame culture,be civil & find solutions.Suspect if he wasn't religious h…
  • Thu, 23:54: RT @andspo: If this surprises you, turn off your computer --> BBC News - Children can turn off net filters, report finds
  • Fri, 00:16: I run most rumours through a mental matrix of technology, politics & publicity possibilities/effects. Maybe I should draw & publish those ;)
  • Fri, 00:22: pragmatism > ideaology RT @DrPizza: Wikimedia considers supporting H.264 to boost accessibility, content
  • Fri, 00:23: why do those who believe in free content not create DRM systems that stop others bundling, charging for free content? #lightsbluetouchpaper
  • Fri, 01:02: and now Flickr has deauthorised the oauth token for Flickr Central on WP so when I finally log in I can't even use the app ;(
  • Fri, 01:03: on the positive side, I got to see how ugly the Yahoo portal is these days & they might have got a couple of ad impressions out of me
  • Fri, 01:08: A more efficient CES than some; only walked 36.6 miles at the show #fitbit
  • Fri, 01:45: so, did Microsoft blink & lose the diabetes smart contact lens or were there actually problems in making it real?
  • Fri, 01:46: editorial at Yahoo is now under the CMO? wow, that's the AOL way in action
  • Fri, 02:17: beta RT @crossslide: @marypcbuk @SpragueD Press just hasn't grasped the gulf between a prototype and a product when it comes to Google yet.
  • Fri, 02:19: inception RT @edbott Geek retweets geek RTing geek RT @Yabbut Geek tweets about it. RT @edbott @davezatz: Tech reporter covers tech reporter
  • Fri, 02:49: RT @edbott: Duh RT @NextTechBlog Area Tech Blogger Doesn’t Care Which Tech Blog Pays Him/Her
  • Fri, 02:53: RT @BenedictEvans: I am utterly baffled by the idea there's something wrong with a sigint agency sniffing global telecoms traffic. That's w…
  • Fri, 04:44: This restaurant pipes in the chocolate
  • Fri, 07:14: oh yeah RT @alex: @brandonleblanc oh god pls, traffic, if I gauged writing by response I'd kill myself
  • Fri, 07:23: futurism, like science fiction, is really about the present; interesting view of where predictions come from
  • Fri, 07:27: imagine my surprise that Tizen is not shaping up to be a huge success. now, where are my winnings?
  • Fri, 07:44: as a Brit, every date |\I see today looks juuust a bit like an April fool
  • Fri, 07:46: has the Rachel Maddow show hired the graphics designer from the first series of Drop the Dead Donkey?
  • Fri, 09:11: RT @jphelminen: As DoCoMo postponing their #Tizen plans I think Tizen enters market only if Google changes Android strategy to more control…
  • Fri, 09:16: RT @buckleyplanet: According to Robert Half survey on salaries and skills, #SharePoint remains top skill set wanted by employers #iamcp htt…
  • Fri, 09:18: is the Nest acquisition the biggest influx of ex-Apple employees to Google so far? wonder how well the cultures will fit
  • Fri, 09:55: RT @akipekka: Yammer desktop app will be discontinued in 2 months. You'll get desktop companion app and modern W8 app instead
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