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  • Wed, 20:59: RT @FoggysPal: My Nokia 920 spent half an hour tumbling in our dryer on high heat. Good news, the phone is fine. Bad news, we now need a ne…
  • Wed, 22:22: Shuttle bus service back from the Venetian to LVCC seems to have melted down
  • Wed, 22:52: If tech is equal opportunity, where are the hunky male booth babes posing on cars for me to try out the cameras & lenses on? #ces2014
  • Thu, 04:11: RT @bdsams: @doubleyewdee but it's more fun to make fun of IE than present rational arguments.
  • Thu, 04:23: I've loved Wacom active pens for years but I so want someone to ship an 8" Windows tab with N-trig pen like the gorgeous one on the new Sony
  • Thu, 04:29: Google + integration makes it too easy for vulnerable users to accidentally out themselves. no algorithm for social
  • Thu, 07:51: RT @sbisson: CES day 2: 6.9 miles. BMW, Nokia photography, digitiser pens, touchscreens and an evening with artists discussing graphic nov…
  • Thu, 07:59: RT @rschu: Pizza Hut sold $1 million in pizzas through Xbox 360 in four months
  • Thu, 08:05: Loving the Lumia 1520 for reading, not used to it for writing; hence a couple of fragment updates I thought I was deleting not posting
  • Thu, 08:07: Muscle memory and similarly sized screens on Lumia 920 & 1020 don't match the bigger 1520 screen; wonder how long before smaller =too small?
  • Thu, 08:11: I think Google will come to regret pushing up the price of the Nortel payments & then backing out of the auction
  • Thu, 08:55: It is beyond delusional to say Microsoft should carry on supporting Windows XP
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