Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Sun, 13:54: facebook's horrible messy webpage is so bad for doing messaging, I always answer facebook messages in WP sms view or on skydrive site!
  • Sun, 15:40: early SkyDrive adopting Windows Phone users who went to Build currently have 145GB free storage for a year. I have 50GB of that in use
  • Sun, 20:37: makeup advert using a song with lyrics saying "you're amazing/just the way you are"; so why do you need makeup then?
  • Sun, 20:46: RT @asymco: Google confirmed in the last conference call that much of the 30% that developers don’t keep from Play sales goes to carriers …
  • Sun, 21:15: searching for movie trivia and @bing just tried to rickroll me!
  • Sun, 21:21: RT @TabathaSouthey: Oddly, but as befits the times, follow parody account @TOMayorFrod for accurate & useful #torontoicestorm updates & inf…
  • Sun, 22:57: RT @edbott: IAC is the company behind the horrible Ask toolbar. Their PR person was the one who sent *that* tweet yesterday. Draw your own …
  • Sun, 23:00: Leia Fights Wars in Space with her Rather Less Competent Friends’
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