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  • Thu, 14:06: more gap filling RT @thurrott: GoToMeeting for Windows Phone 8 -
  • Thu, 14:26: RT @BenNunney: What anti-virus warning popups REALLY mean...
  • Thu, 14:30: RT @jtango18: @thurrott write an email to yourself in Gmail and Google will read it for you.
  • Thu, 14:58: €399 for a pretty low-end hardware spec smartphone just because it's Sailfish? hmmm
  • Thu, 15:01: wow, I see Amazon didn't get the skeuomorphism memo; a cork board layout for writing? think the 90s are on the phone
  • Thu, 15:06: the design language of that new Amazon corkboard thing is Microsoft circa 1998; doesn't Project Siena look sophisticated by comparison?
  • Thu, 15:31: it's 2013. for the love of $DEITY #outlook team, let me drag not just paste into the location field of a meeting!
  • Thu, 16:43: wah; the ctrl key on my keyboard is stuck on, just in outlook, with multiple hardware keyboards, just as I try to write lots of CES emails(;
  • Thu, 16:47: Pro tip; unless it involved drugs or explosives, your tech story does not blow me away or blow my mind. write a real headline. no love, me
  • Thu, 16:48: RT @chansearrington: Almost 500 cheaters caught and banned. If you want @dvlup to continue, please don't cheat and please send us info on t…
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