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  • Mon, 19:21: RT @WindowsPhoneUK: The first photo is here. When we reach 1,200 mentions, we'll share the second photo. #MI1020
  • Mon, 19:24: RT @gcaweir: So long @ubelly, hello @MSDevUK! Microsoft's UK developer community has a new name, and a new home
  • Mon, 19:58: wonder what Plessey's new gallium-on-silicon LEDs will do for cheap, bright bulbs?
  • Mon, 20:01: is it post PC when 68% of online shoppers prefer to use a PC (desktop or laptop)? or is it maybe appropriate devices for appropriate uses?
  • Mon, 20:08: RT @rayadverb: I'm OK with people using phones on planes if the rest of us can use tasers.
  • Mon, 20:08: RT @jnack: Nackblog: Last day for everyone to get in on the $9.99/mo. Photoshop-Lightroom deal: The Photoshop Photography...
  • Mon, 20:25: oh look, lots of baseless Microsoft CEO rumours. must be a day ending in Y
  • Mon, 21:28: I want to link a Microsoft account to a (completely) different organizational account as personal federation/single sign on
  • Mon, 21:30: I am the same person in different places; Microsoft needs to let me assert that. like personal Active Directory SSO federation to Ms account
  • Tue, 01:06: RT @On_MS_Licensing: Now possible to deploy Office 2013 Professional Plus (Volume Lic. media) using App-V (new feature of App-V 5.0 SP2) ht…
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