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If I have to leave

Then this is the way to do it. I've had a fabulous day doing things I thought I wouldn't get a chance to do like getting a good look at the Dandelion Fountain and now I'm sitting in the sun at the airport eating a peach. I slept really well, rolled out of bed and had a very interesting talk with Grant about Eurekster and the technology behind it. Elise made a lovely lunch and I headed out into town. I ran for the bus and missed it - but while I was sitting at the stop waiting a driver who'd seen me running and saw the bus didn't stop came back to give me a lift! I did my last minute present shopping - and found the whisky shop :-) As well as buying Seth a thank you bottle I got to taste one of the whiskies I didn't buy and a 21 year old St Magdalen - and then a taste of Seth's whisky too, so I heartily and throatily recommend Whisky Galore on Columbo near Armagh Terrace. I managed to get everything in my suitcase too! And I've achieved one of those silly little ambitions tha!
t are *so* satisfying - I saw my suitcases on the luggage truck waiting to go on the plane!

Next stop Auckland...

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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12th Mar, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
Mmmmm, Caol Ila. I really must take it off my desk, I keep sneaking little tastes :-) I knew Julian May had to be onto something, and ot seems Banksie could well be right about this unchilfiltered concept too. How is it that SF authors know so much about whisky?

Will be popping around to visit that shop ASAP. And turns out a friend of mine's Dad did his website!

For the scientifically inclined whisky drinker I strongly recommend a book "Appreciating Whisky" which somehow manages to make organic chemistry vastly more interesting than my high school teacher did...
14th Mar, 2004 17:43 (UTC)
writers need many distraction tools; ones that induce drunkeness and are convivial and lead to gatherings that give you a good reason to stop writing are especially to be praised. Ones you can research and become knowledgeable about are good too, because then it's your hobby, not your displacement behaviour!

now, remember - no finishing the bottle before I get back! ;-)
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