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  • Wed, 18:41: not Box? RT @MattRosoff: So Dropbox seems to be starting over with businesses. Surprising. Wonder what was wrong with last version?
  • Wed, 18:43: from a cursory glance, the Moto G seems to be gunning for the Windows Phone market by price
  • Wed, 18:48: RT @FOSSpatents: Moto's push notifications patent destroyed almost entirely. German iCloud users won't lose push email again.
  • Wed, 18:53: Nice to see @ie 11 doing better crypto for the sites that support it na�ve suggestion in comments about UI is naive
  • Wed, 18:56: so the #icourt hashtag is popular enough that it's being flooded by spammers; @twitter needs to be prepared for these issues
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @SFjlove: McElhinny says jurors must decide which is true: What Samsung says about Apple innovations in court, or what they said in own …
  • Wed, 19:06: wow. the @first_direct payment problem I've had in @ie since june is the site not accepting a touchscreen click on one specific link
  • Wed, 19:07: RT @scarequotes: "Content" is like "art" or "weather" or "traffic" or "sex." Useful words to descibe large phenomena, but less useful the m…
  • Wed, 19:09: I'd say this is not Excel or even a spreadsheet, if it can't reference other cells. table-shaped calculator?
  • Wed, 19:10: RT @webgnu: Wolfram and Amazon blogs making me feel old today. Not the pace of change or the wonderful innovations - the text size :(
  • Wed, 20:48: interesting roundup of IDC stats coverage with (ironically) bad headline kudos to my editor @MattRosoff here
  • Wed, 21:52: RT @sbisson: It would be nice if the @yammer WIndows Store app supported external networks...
  • Wed, 21:54: or maybe hoaxes. can't tell. MOAR TWEETS! RT @DeerPink23: TWITTER: Get breaking news first about worldwide events.
  • Wed, 21:57: RT @levie: No one rational would have turned down $3 billion for SnapChat. But, no one rational would have built SnapChat in the first plac…
  • Wed, 22:02: Amazon mocks IBM as old tech as it launches a timesharing terminal experience
  • Wed, 22:03: RT @blowdart: If the cloudy people are all excited about the new amazon offering this makes it the year of the Windows desktop. /. is gonna…
  • Wed, 22:05: must memorise fn-spacebar and fn-spacebar Alt for prinstscreen on Surface
  • Thu, 01:18: Climate hanger is the new normal but being angry at science when it's actually capitalism you're at, angry at is a terrible error - KSR 1/2
  • Thu, 01:19: KSR on what is science fiction 2/2
  • Thu, 01:32: RT @wasbuxton: @SilverPeak When will desktop die? Same time that cinema kills live theatre, TV kills cinema... Ecosystems evolves but extin…
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    Wed, 14:15: I have once or twice asked a source to confirm something in a very technical comment they made but no one reviews my article before…

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    Sun, 13:48: RT @ manwithoutatan: Comparing students critically protesting a professor whose work and public standing marginalises and erases…

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