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  • Sun, 20:35: RT @feministtswift: You should've said no / You should've gone home / You should've thought twice / Before you claimed men were helpless to…
  • Sun, 21:15: So ICICI locks my online tax certificate with a password & I have to phone up to find out it's my login ID? most frustrating banking site ye
  • Sun, 21:15: but hey, the night is young, I still have to hope the Equiniti site isn't down for the count again
  • Sun, 21:23: dear @msonenote please make Ctrl-Del & Ctrl-Backspace handle EOL; I have to drop to del/Backspace at end of every line, less efficient
  • Sun, 21:48: very jobsworth of Excel to say 'we can't do that to a merged cell' without offering to, you know, unmerge it so we can
  • Sun, 21:53: RT @UnfinishedS: FBI agents with a dilemma...
  • Sun, 22:16: is Chrome really this bad at NTLM? that's kind of a big thing for many companies...
  • Sun, 22:42: RT @veryBadBIOS: The worst part about being me is that if a certain someone stops believing I cease to exist. You know, like Santa. :( #bad
  • Sun, 22:45: 100s of things I love about the modern era; shareholder website portals ain't one of them, or even six of them
  • Sun, 23:21: yeah, that might be another good reason to get more women into IT/remind men it's never bring your dick to work day
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