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  • Thu, 22:23: obviously the Google Barge is the Glass Borg cube; even the name is almost the same
  • Thu, 22:24: Does any hardware have built-in VP8 acceleration yet? The way every GPU does H.264 acceleration to save battery life
  • Thu, 22:29: RT @sgalineau: 2003: 'Today's single-browser quirk is tomorrow's standard'. 2013: 'This morning's editor's draft is this afternoon's intero…
  • Thu, 22:33: I think AT&T would make an awful mess of Vodafone, who I find a pricey but excellent carrier in the UK
  • Thu, 22:33: RT @codepo8: A lot of people call themselves pirates in San Francisco and yet not one has tried to commandeer the Google barge…
  • Thu, 22:37: one reason #Nokia only licenced patents to #microsoft making progress on patent suits versus HTC
  • Fri, 00:27: RT @lancewmccarthy: Sign up for access to the Windows 8 beta for and get access for Windows Phone (via @WPCentral) h…
  • Fri, 00:32: unplugged @surface 2 from the mains carried all day w wifi on in Connected Standby, used for ~5h30 almost 13 hours later 44% battery left
  • Fri, 00:33: maybe I should turn down the screen brightness; @surface says that will give me more battery life ;-)
  • Fri, 00:35: Google is getting sued over the patents it tried to buy from Nortel, as are Samsung, Huawei, HTC, 4 others
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