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  • Thu, 21:25: I *just* got a DM from 7pm last night. Do I need to explain again why #BBM guaranteed delivery made it popular?
  • Thu, 21:58: Had missed that Novell's last appeal to keep suing Microsoft got turned down by court in September
  • Thu, 22:03: Substantial portion of the Microsoft SEC documents taken up with documenting patent lawsuits.
  • Thu, 23:53: Microsoft"goal is to become more nimble, collaborative, communicative, motivated, and decisive". Still prolix though ;)
  • Fri, 00:34: Excellent discussion of the risks of consumerization of IT tucked away in the warnings section of Microsoft SEC filing cc @citeworld
  • Fri, 00:42: I think the one Microsoft accounting info tells me more about the company itself, if less about what used to be enterprise product lines
  • Fri, 01:11: So @sbisson asks whether, when he likes a metaphor on Facebook it becomes a simile
  • Fri, 01:54: My definitions of free for software: free as in beer ($0), free as in speech (source), free as in puppy (maintain me) & free as in candy
  • Fri, 01:55: So OS X is free if you've bought a Mac recently enough for Apple to feel you paid them enough money to get it?
  • Fri, 02:26: RT @newrelic: Keynote speaker @scottgu: Running a live service without Telemetry is like playing Frogger w/o seeing what's coming at you #F
  • Fri, 02:52: now we finally have the @office365 update where is the #Outlook app from MSR that automatically suggests appointments when email has times?
  • Fri, 03:08: ok, going back to COMPLAINING LOUDLY I can't drag to calendar day in Outlook to create meeting; Suggested Meetings app is useless, no place!
  • Fri, 03:09: I hate when simplifying the interface in #Office2013 loses key functionality that gave me significant productivity; that why I *use* Office
  • Fri, 03:10: If I wanted a simple, minimal interface with lightweight functionality I'd just use a tablet; there's a reason we lug around PCs for Office
  • Fri, 05:08: RT @mappingbabel: The presence of heavily engineered systems in 100,000+ node cloud operators will be, and is, dwarfed by cheap "commodity"…
  • Fri, 05:08: RT @jsnover: Get your latest version of PowerShell for downlevel OSes here:
  • Fri, 06:55: RT @akipekka: Two-thirds of new Microsfot Dynamics CRM customers opting for cloud deployment. Nice! #CRM2013 #Sulava
  • Fri, 06:56: RT @SirKneeland: Microsoft as a company has many flaws. However, "lacks persistence" is not one of them...
  • Fri, 07:00: RT @GTRoberts: Yep! RT @RCdeWinter: It's a miracle!
  • Fri, 07:24: Local paper says it looks like Mountain View council will push Google to share shuttle buses with the public
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