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I'm a beach baby, a sun baby, I got sand in my toes. I did all my organising and skipped to the beach on the penguin bus.

The Moeraki boluders are these weird round boulders that form like a pearl in an oyster. The ground around them gets washed away: I saw one being gnawed out of the cliff and holes where others had broken up without ever being all the way out. But most of them sit scattered on a long curve of beach. They start out smooth: sometimes they crack open in pieces, some have a hexagonal crystalline structure that holds the fracture lines so they wear down rather than breaking up. They look like moon rocks or meteorites and they go right down the beach, getting smaller and smaller.

I got there about 9.45 and stayed till 4: perfect timing of walking into the car park as the coach pulled up. I walked around and took pictures and watched the tides of tourists pour in and out and kept an eye on the tide which came in very slowly all day. I gathered up shells and made a spiral on the sand: a labyrinth, the maori symbol of healing and rebirth, the curve of possibility. I walked it three times and then watched the sea wash over it. I wandered up and down the beach looking for neat shells. I lost and found my glasses and capered in the sand. The sea was cool and refreshing, the damp sand was squidgy between my toes, the sand in the sun was soft and crumbly and gave beneath my feet.

I didn't want to go anywhere so I had a peach and two apricots I got in Cromwell and the two Milky Ways that were on my pillow at Hulmes Court in Dunedin. I lounged and relaxed and splashed and there wasn't a cloud in the sky or a drop of rain to be seen. As promised, the weather came right and it was the gorgeous sunshine I'd been hoping for all along. I'm glad of everywhere I've been but I liked this best of all so far.

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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4th Mar, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
am terribly jealous, and very happy for you! Wish I was there!
4th Mar, 2004 11:00 (UTC)
I wish you were here too. Next time?
(Deleted comment)
4th Mar, 2004 12:25 (UTC)
It didn't start out deliberate... I didn't want to write my name or a word so I thought maybe a pattern and I've been thinking a lot about the maori kore symbol and it jusdt seemed to fit and as I was working I thought of it as a labyrinth and labyrinthes are for walking... I think it's my first conscious ritual but it wasn't planned - it just happened as I worked on it and I thought of what I could do with it. Intention as in wanting a result - definitely!
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