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  • Thu, 16:48: Crisp, sunny morning in Bellevue; have dispersed the rain but not yet manifested a heat wave. Might need more coffee for that...or more beer
  • Thu, 18:26: Sourdough pancakes with *both* kinds of syrup and, of course, bacon (Checked in at Chace's Pancake Corral)
  • Thu, 21:17: If Facebook was truly meta, it would allow me to like someone's like of my post...
  • Thu, 21:22: The phone camera is the second most important thing for consumers choosing a phone. Good news for Lumia 1020?
  • Thu, 21:31: Prebuilt test &dev environments like this make more sense to me than handing out free copies of on premise software
  • Fri, 00:19: Azure really is the poster child for continuous delivery at Microsoft; multifactor & management of stopped VMs
  • Fri, 01:39: RT @Louis_CK_Comedy: If someone makes a racist/sexist joke, say, with total seriousness, “I don’t get it, can you explain it” Then watch th…
  • Fri, 05:02: RT @inafried: Ok. So which pasta company is going to step up with a commercial with two moms serving up a dish of rainbow rotini ?
  • Fri, 07:08: Complex apps like miCoach have been on Android a long time; significant to see them coming to Windows Phone
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