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why is porn so tacky? You needed to ask?

this is one of those self-referential, I'm point at another Weblog things, but this is an interesting piece, not least because I tend not to agree with Eric Raymond on a lot of things (like calling Bankise a 'young Scottish writer' for a start). But it's always nice to hear someone saying tacky porn is tacky because it makes the women in it unreal fetish objects rather than real people and I find the idea of his 'controlled experiment' kind of amusing.


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14th Jun, 2002 15:10 (UTC)
I noticed he removed from consideration his like of redheads, but not of large chests. ;)

I've though along his sames in the past, thought I never did a "controled" experiment, coming to the same conclusions.

The most appealing erotica (simple nudity, even when meant only to sexy and arousing is not pornographic IMO) is natural. The subject who likes being who they are, the poses they are striking, who are enjoying themselves, will show through in the pictures.

Show me unfeeling plastic, no matter how beautiful, no matter how many of my buttons it pushes, no matter how well dressed (or undressed), painted, posed, showing, and I'll glance at it and go "Yah, she's pretty but doesn't do it for me."
14th Jun, 2002 22:48 (UTC)
You are watching the wrong porn, obviously! Choose Ninn, you know it makes sense!
15th Jun, 2002 05:54 (UTC)
please, oh expert, enlighten me - what is Ninn?
15th Jun, 2002 09:35 (UTC)
Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it. I agree. I need to go and think a lot more about it, but it certainly fits the pattern of porn use in one of my significant relationships.

Have you seen White Palace by the way? Do you think it is porn for women, and if so, why?
16th Jun, 2002 04:06 (UTC)
what's White Palace then?

I was thinking about this and the old 'women prefer stories to pictures'. I usually do myself (text, video, still images - in that order) but I wonder if that's because stories have an unlimited casting, location, props and effects budget, a good writer can avoid the 'physically impossible' bogglement of the reader and so many of the pornpix are just so darn bad.

Hmm; that's a thought. Is it porn when I'm interested in the signifiers and erotica when I'm interested in the subject? But then so much of the porn about is pictures of women (or gay male porn) and as I'm pretty straight the eroticism of those images for me is going to be nearly all signifiers.
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