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  • Fri, 15:43: RT @duggan: .@monkchips @oisin The Platonic ideal of software development. In reality, most people have to consider more than engineering b…
  • Fri, 15:56: hmmm; trying out Hotspot's VPN for win8 but it A downloads from a location smartscreen doesn't trust B tries to foist a search engine on me
  • Fri, 15:59: that's exceptionally spammy for ad-supported security software; the decline button is grey, the accept button bright blue & placed like OK
  • Fri, 16:59: So @sbisson made me use a Chromebrick & now he's done something awful to @shadowfax1804 not making me a fan of WebRTC
  • Fri, 17:05: I said @sbisson made me use a chromebrick; where is the sympathy, people? (imagine the bit where I keep trying to touch the screen)
  • Fri, 17:29: I am even more uncomfortable about Intel/MacAfee Deep Safe firmware hypervisor under the OS this week...
  • Fri, 17:32: Got #SharePoint 2013? free app for making polls
  • Fri, 17:39: RT @EE: Windows crew: We know you've been waiting for this a long time, but we are aiming to roll out the Nokia Amber update mid September.…
  • Fri, 18:20: RT @codepo8: when people pretend that users are never offline send them to a four star hotel in Germany and let them try to get connectivit…
  • Fri, 18:23: bad enough a televangelist even HAS diamond & gold mines; disgusting he operates one with cash from charity
  • Fri, 18:32: RT @matthiasshap: Need a 5-sensor EEG reader SDK for your Windows Phone to read brain waves on the go? You are in luck, my friend. http://t…
  • Fri, 18:47: when speculating about the next Microsoft CEO, go right ahead & ignore what the board said about wanting a CEO for the 10-year shift
  • Fri, 18:52: LOL RT @xboxuk: Busted!
  • Fri, 19:34: in almost anything RT @trengriffin: Sir John Templeton The four most dangerous words in investing are 'This time it's different.'
  • Fri, 19:59: SharePoint apps; really need a 'send-to' style install from the app page, not instructions to go do it from the #SharePoint site
  • Fri, 20:01: techmeme: stop with the linkbait. also, you're bad at headlines. & hey, we remembered what editors do!
  • Fri, 20:10: TIL; when @Techmeme favourites one of my tweets, it means it's been included on Techmeme. they're like my snark merit badges
  • Fri, 20:33: if the Lumia 920 is so freaking big & heavy, why do I so often find I've been sat with it in my back pocket for 3 hours without noticing?
  • Fri, 21:27: RT @blowdart: Hey wait. If bullrun was created because they couldn't insert back doors can we finally admit NSAKey was complete paranoid bu…
  • Fri, 21:32: questions to ask if you haven't paid attention to either the phone market or the details of the Nokia Microsoft deal
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    Sun, 12:45: RT @ codepo8: Conspiracy theorists should be forced to manage a project with lots of people for a short while. That'll give them a…

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    Sat, 22:32: RT @ Pinboard: If a bunch of recreational pilots called for the elimination of half the FAA so that ultralights could rain down on…

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    Fri, 12:32: RT @ FinancialTimes: Exporting Chinese surveillance: the security risks of ‘smart cities’ Fri, 12:36:…

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