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  • Wed, 17:15: RT @ch9: Bjarne Stroustrup live now "Anyone who claims to have a perfect language is either a salesman or a fool, or both" #goingnative2013
  • Wed, 17:38: missing a trick: why isn't HP pitching me stories about how Microsoft & Nokia teams have been working together using Halo rooms
  • Wed, 18:19: RT @mgrdcm: I'd like to propose that the @html5 spec add a <tldr> element which could be very useful within the @html5 spec.
  • Wed, 18:27: I have a bug on Microsoft Connect with the title 'dialog text is confusing'; small snigger that it's closed as 'by design'
  • Wed, 18:36: Samsung is ticking off lots of things Microsoft already has; pens, searchable handwritten notes
  • Wed, 18:43: correlation of physical hardware design to tall male designers?; 6" phablets, the kickstand on Surface that works if you have long legs
  • Wed, 18:51: RT @saladinahmed: So the Hugo Award is simultaneously a haven of reactionary dinosaurs *and* a bastion for rabid liberals? Neat trick, that.
  • Wed, 18:52: oooh, now Samsung has Bing Translate #micromung
  • Wed, 18:54: wait, Mirasol isn't dead? Qualcom found something to use it for!
  • Wed, 18:55: @getwired didn't the Windows Phone development tools have those in their VM two years ago?
  • Wed, 19:18: smartass remark from politicians don't go down well on Twitter, do they
  • Wed, 19:18: LOL RT @janettu: MS atty: Moto says its offer letter was just a piece of paper. "Well, so is a ransom note." #motosoft
  • Wed, 19:23: Wish they were livestreaming the #motosoft trial instead of just the smartphone launches
  • Wed, 19:34: RT @levie: If you don't have a computer on your wrist, in your pocket, in your purse, and on your face, you're basically anti-technology.
  • Wed, 19:49: my reaction to the Qualcomm Toq is only slightly 'can I have some of what they're smoking'
  • Wed, 19:58: RL sidetweet #shoutsoffscreen
  • Wed, 19:59: RT @mims: Easter egg: If you wear 6 Samsung smart watches at once, they vibrate in a way that reminds you of human contact.
  • Wed, 20:00: just as Windows 8.1 switches to 50:50 snap RT @jkendrick: Multi-view on the Note 8.0.
  • Wed, 20:03: Samsung has a patent cross-licence with Microsoft; given today's launch, it looks like they're making good use of it
  • Wed, 22:06: fantasyland MT @toddbishop Moto wanted "zero-zero" agreement w Ms; both companies could freely use each other's patented techs #motosoft
  • Wed, 22:07: RT @msuster: LOL “@samir Things that taste better than skinny feels - Pizza - Hamburgers - Burritos - Quesadillas - Fried chicken - Ice cre…
  • Wed, 22:15: Moto surprised by Ms Android lawsuit after Ms had signed licence deals with so many other Android makers? not paying attention! #motosoft
  • Thu, 00:48: RT @adders: Is it wrong of me to hope that somewhere in Apple HQ, a team who planted a fake “Apple Watch” rumour are now sniggering at the …
  • Thu, 00:56: RT @firt: Smart phones are not really phones; Smart glasses are not really glasses; Smart watches are not really watches; Smart TVS are… ju…
  • Thu, 00:57: RT @NokiaHomebase: Have a break... #Kitkat #Nokia
  • Thu, 01:07: Much happier with the Totoro doorstop now I have restuffed w beanbag filling (still has dead hard drive for weight)
  • Thu, 01:17: Good advice for any job (& this sounds just like the culture I hear about from blue badge Microsofties)
  • Thu, 11:46: Lessons in leadership learned from Ballmer; he made Microsoft "a multi-trick pony"
  • Thu, 11:49: Why so much talk of layoffs for Nokia employees? 1 @selop already did major layoffs that Microsoft just takes advantage of
  • Thu, 11:51: 2 Windows Phone team worked side by side with Nokia over a year, knows exactly who is needed to do what. If layoffs planned, would have said
  • Thu, 11:52: Instead Ballmer talked about how useful the sales and marketing team will be as well as the design team. & manufacturing can't be cut!
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