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In training

Apart from the oddity with the accommodation, Arrowtown is a lovely villagey place with pretty cottages and not too plastic a feel. Quite the contrast to the mean city streets of Dunedin which reminds me more of Liverpool than Oxbridge so far.

I grabbed an apple chelsea bun and a venison pie from the organic bakery (breakfast and lunch) on my way to the Arrowtown museum. This is a mix of roomsets and collections of possessions. It's the objects I find more telling - the tablaux never look real enough, but the hand-cranked washing machine looked like way too much work and the engraved testimonial to the retiring committee secretary made me feel I was looking over history's shoulder into someone's life. Someone who put music arranged for banjolele banjo on her piano and had a doorknocker in the shape of a grinning horned goat, by the look of the other relics around! A nice collection of vintage soda labels on the wall of the grog shop... It all looked much more comfy than the sod huts the chinese gold miners lived in.

Buses back to Queensland and on to Central Otago to get the train were soporific as the sun turned to rain and we went down the same roads I'd just navigated in the other direction to make the connection. Backtrackpacking?

the minibus stopped in some odd places: I got to see the fibreglass fruit better as we stopped at a nearby fruitstand. Apricots and greengages are delicious and the ice cream they mix frozen fruit into is v nice :-) other stops were in tiny villages with a jhandful of shops and houses: they put in the railway to collect gold and fruiit and vegetables but it must have tied the places together. They looked most like timy Welsh villages...

We caught up with the trsin not at the relatively urban Middlemarch biut in the middle of nowhere, a winswept moor wit jutting square rocks. I have a theory that sheep are spontaneously generated from rocks and this is obviously 0,0 for sheep central.

The train rattles through some lovely gorges and over terrifying viaducts: again it all felt like Wales with teetch tand cows wandering the kine)|o observation car so I kept sneaking out to dtand netween carriages - cold and wet but the view was exhilerating
Into Dunedin amd very impressed by the fancy mosaic and stained glass. Got a mini tour of Dunedin by staying on the bius as my b&b is very central: it's a pretty little wooden clapboard cottage with a porch and a turret. I'm in the book room which has a couple of interesting titles including Spacewrecks, a collection of sf book covers by people like Fred Gambino pretending to be a history book.

Nice dinner: sweetcorn and bacon doup with a glass of wine that's sendimg me right off to slrrp. I've become a big fan of the electric blanket which is also making me nod right off as I type...

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors

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