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  • Thu, 20:57: @BAV0 @h0x0d @windows4live I like BlackBerry a *lot*; they left it too late to start their generational switch
  • Thu, 21:00: RT @LocalJoost: The bruhahah around Ballmer's succesion shows one thing: people care about MSFT. Haven't heard about who should be BLACKBER…
  • Thu, 21:41: going to steal this phrase RT @arebee: @marypcbuk It's pretty clear he has quite a large chip on his shoulder that he's grinding his axe on.
  • Thu, 21:45: if the FourSquare app is live in the Windows Store now, I'm guessing they didn't need 8.1 RTM to code it up ;-)
  • Thu, 21:49: RT @netik: Dear security researchers: Responsible private disclosure to a company, while posting a POC video to Youtube publicly, is not ok.
  • Thu, 22:00: should sell well MT @Nokia1337Dev Lumia 625 now in Qatar, soon in Singapore; w Netflix & free cover deal w Phones4U
  • Thu, 22:03: Yet Another Android Developer Realises Supporting Huge Range of Phones & OSes Is Hard; love the matrix of pain line
  • Thu, 22:08: Microsoft by the (stock) numbers; common sense on Microsoft value & potential (or inverse of some analysts)
  • Thu, 22:29: Microsoft has the speed in cloud of a platform that's reaching momentum; preview of Azure RMS is launching
  • Fri, 01:28: Oh, I missed this. Alex St John is ranty about Ballmer rants. Gossipy, doubtless not all accurate, but good
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