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  • Thu, 21:32: the economics of hacking XP get far more attractive after April 2014 so defenceless XP will get hacked more
  • Thu, 21:49: surprising number of fans of the TouchWiz interface comment on my ZD blog. I hadn't met any TouchWiz fans before. ever ;-)
  • Thu, 21:59: I might finally wrap my head around aperture and f stops with the Nokia Pro camera UI
  • Thu, 22:01: RT @edbott: The point of publishing Terms of Service and committing to APIs is so developers can have a level playing field and a promise o…
  • Thu, 22:10: I just don't buy that Microsoft is subtle enough to make an app users like & Google hates on purpose to make Google look bad
  • Thu, 22:19: would we call what Google is doing on YouTube/WindowsPhone "openiness"?
  • Thu, 22:20: RT @daveon: Coming soon. Peak API latency numbers. We'll be releasing a list of the best to worst each week. Some of them are... let's sa…
  • Thu, 22:43: RT @leonzandman: Stripping the Developer Key header from the #wp8 YouTube app requests using Fiddler seems to do wonders :-) #wpnl http://t…
  • Thu, 23:41: oh hey, #Storify how about you pay some attention to someone being stalker-ish using your service?
  • Thu, 23:47: RT @Jason: filled under 'of course' : Copyright troll Prenda Law dissolves after caught uploading porn & suring downloaders
  • Fri, 01:31: If you have read your sf, the olinguito is obviously Piper's Little Fuzzy
  • Fri, 01:31: RT @sbisson: My thoughts on the technical side of Microsoft v Google and an HTML5 YouTube at CITEworld:
  • Fri, 01:36: hidden message on Benjamin Franklin's collar on new $100 bills; what, if found this cat belongs to...?
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    Thu, 14:03: My Pro X 2 is getting offered Windows 11; I know this because the 'restart to install updates' icon in the system tray has a blue…

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    Sun, 12:40: RT @ MSFTResearch: Explore artists’ interventions on surveillance, from policing to encryption, e-waste, & AI. Join Dr. Simone…

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    Sat, 17:30: proof that a feature hasn't shipped until it's documented Sat, 17:33: RT @ sarahmquinlan: So many men…

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