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  • Wed, 15:58: HTC & LG are good examples because HTC gets the coverage but LG is 3rd largest phone seller & LG sells only 2x what Nokia or BlackBerry do
  • Wed, 16:06: @cliftonmthomas @jaykannan about half of all smartphone sales are companies not in the top 5 but Samsung is 7x sales of LG or Sony, Apple 3x
  • Wed, 19:37: wow, are HTC sales really so bad that there are NO SALES NUMBERS AT ALL for Q1/Q2 2013? not even in their accounts.
  • Wed, 21:32: nostalgia; seeing my own head in the audience at a Microsoft event when I check the video for a quote ;-)
  • Wed, 21:51: about to use a crazy font to demonstrate Unicode support in Twitter? Stop, think, get the hell out of my tweetstream #fontPSA
  • Wed, 21:53: also from the archives; anyone remember the enchanted forest Office 2007 comic with cameos by Jensen Harris and Julie Larsen-Green?
  • Wed, 21:57: just in, by owl mail! Enchanted Office redux RT @sbisson: @marypcbuk Fire up the Wayback Machine!
  • Wed, 22:03: RT @NairobiWP: The Major Tech blogs are so enamored by high end smartphones that I'm not sure they realize the revolution happening at the …
  • Wed, 22:05: brave RT @gcaweir This is so fucked up. // Russian TV Presenter Comes Out on Air, Gets Fired |
  • Wed, 22:11: Dear ICANN, stop it! no love MS MT @m3sweatt @Microsoft letter from David Tennenhouse to ICANN on dotless domains
  • Wed, 23:08: efficiencies of Software Defined Networking depicted as the difference between charts and doodles
  • Wed, 23:31: Maybe Xbox needs this Steam DRM panic calmer more than Microsoft PC gaming ;-)
  • Thu, 00:42: Good to hear FIFA is giving Russia a hard time about gay propaganda law well ahead of the 2018 world cup in Moscow
  • Thu, 00:46: RT @mattzarb: The lady who said "porn finds her" & the pop-ups are everywhere might want to have a word with her husband. #Cookies #Newsnig
  • Thu, 09:33: Telling a politician they can use the money for anything they see fit & you didn't expect them to keep it?
  • Thu, 11:34: Has anyone done any pen testing on Samsung Knox or the other 'secure' Androids?
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