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  • Sun, 12:00: RT @CarmenCrincoli: When every innovation has to be viewed through the lens of "Will the DoJ approve of this?", you end up scrapping a lot …
  • Sun, 12:02: Has anyone used "I was on my computer gossiping on twitter" as a modern alibi yet?
  • Sun, 12:10: Opening a new train station with enough fireworks to burn it down again
  • Mon, 00:40: RT @k8em0: .@hdmoore only fair since they've been so kindly paying bounties to our guys. Somehow wasn't newsworthy. ;-) Small, smart world.
  • Mon, 00:44: Think I've discovered perpetual motion; use my @surface briefly each day. Haven't charged it in 2+ weeks
  • Mon, 10:24: The key to cleaning up the internet is tackling the darknets, not letting censorship in by the back door #zdnet
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