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  • Thu, 12:02: On being a woman programmer & the different ways of putting up with the inferior treatment
  • Thu, 13:47: hey @bing if I promise to never ever ever click an ehowDOTcom link again, will you take them out of my search results? #ripoffcontent
  • Thu, 15:44: RT @sbisson: The IAB on Mozilla. Possibly the most wrong thing ever. It might just explain why online advertising is so disliked: http://t.…
  • Thu, 15:44: if the advertising industry gets any further out of step with browser makers & users, it might affect the rotation of the earth or something
  • Thu, 15:52: If the TV market has stopped growing because, like PCs, people already have one that's good enough, why would 4k start it growing again?
  • Thu, 16:12: So Windows Phone has taken over both the 3rd place sales & 'next development target' spots from BlackBerry this quarter; still behind
  • Thu, 16:39: RT @jsnover: If you are tired of answering your coworker's PowerShell questions, have them join our PowerShell Jumpstart now at http://t.c…
  • Thu, 16:44: RT @rupertg: One of the world's oldest active experiments finally comes good - on video! Trinity Pitch Drop... drops:
  • Thu, 17:02: RT @DBArgenis: People who complain about paying for SQL Server have obviously never paid for Oracle.
  • Thu, 17:24: RT @gnat: Mr 13: “what’s the difference between a cult and a religion?” Me: “marketing budget”.
  • Thu, 18:51: RT @getwired: I like getting in a Twitter debate where @marypcbuk is on my side. I do _not_ like getting in a Twitter debate where @marypcb
  • Thu, 18:53: community of web developers who see @ie as just another modern browser, the ie Useragents ;-)
  • Thu, 19:00: RT @muzrobertson: There's trolling and there's Trolling: New York Satanic Temple marries gay couples on Fred Phelp's mother's grave http://…
  • Thu, 19:02: how was it even legal for the government to sell of part of the NHS to a venture capitalist company? now blood transfusions = profit centre
  • Thu, 19:27: hey @msonenote I have 'insert printouts on 1 page' set & yet ON asks EVERY TIME whether I want them on multiple pages #badsoftwarenobiscuit
  • Thu, 19:34: RIP telnet & Built-in drivers for tape drives in Windows Server 2012 R2; not much on deprecated/removed list to miss
  • Thu, 20:15: Thinking about getting a Surface skin; this lovely one or a custom one w the #iFixit teardown mobo pic?
  • Thu, 21:10: little by little @sbisson is turning away from the bits of the Apple ecosystem he's had soft spots for. who will reload my iPod now?!
  • Thu, 21:17: are investors less tech savvy? Microsoft dev ents get an ICS for reminders; investors get a form to have an email reminder for calls
  • Thu, 21:19: OK WP folk; is there an app I can put a custom list in & shake my phone to get a random suggestion from it? takeout dice for the DVR list!
  • Thu, 21:46: so Windows Phone revenue & patent licencing revenue are up $222 mn; wonder how that figure splits between them?
  • Thu, 22:01: so the question is did Microsoft see the brakes slamming on in the PC car soon enough to change? servers, services, even search look healthy
  • Thu, 22:16: RT @jphelminen: With 45M monthly Android activations & $5 per device license fee $MSFT can make over $500M per Q from Android patent licens…
  • Thu, 22:19: wonder how much the Windows Phone/patent licence revenue would have gone up without drop in Xbox sales taking it down
  • Thu, 22:36: RT @zpower: larry page just got munstered
  • Thu, 22:45: if of 75% business desktops are running windows 7, there are a *lot* of consumer PCs still on XP to make the usage percentages we see
  • Thu, 22:48: 1 million office 365 home premium subscribers. already. that's impressive
  • Thu, 22:51: OEM contribution to Windows revenue going to 70% to 65%; if the majority of that is Surface/RT then it's a significant shift for Microsoft
  • Thu, 22:52: RT @stufox: Amazing how many people don't get that MS play a long game and call Windows RT "failed" after 9 months. MS will give it 3 years
  • Thu, 23:00: server & tools growing faster than both Oracle & IBM, outpaced growth in the market; Windows Server & SQL Server really are strong
  • Thu, 23:05: RT @scottgu: Sledgehammers + Beer + Company Building You Are Encouraged to help Destroy == Awesome
  • Thu, 23:05: I think Amy Hood is trying quite hard not to say 'dude, we have a *lot* of money in the bank'
  • Thu, 23:07: Azure breaking down siloes? MT @scottgu me using a sledgehammer on one of the walls during the demolition party :-)
  • Thu, 23:09: if Microsoft didn't have Surface RT, Surface Pro would have looked like the most beautiful, gorgeous buggy whip you'd ever seen
  • Thu, 23:35: RT @bschorr: Folks, there's no point in beating up on Microsoft product team members about the NSA thing. They have nothing to do with it.
  • Fri, 01:26: Ok, I need to set aside days to go through slides & video for the MSR faculty summit #facsumm
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