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  • Mon, 12:34: national broadband strategies; they're all a bit 'this time, this time really. really really' #nextyearinjerusalem
  • Mon, 12:35: RT @qmatteoq: Tip to devs that are using the Live SDK in a #wp7 or #wp8 app: update it to 5.4, otherwise #skydrive integration won't work a…
  • Mon, 12:45: really? Google hired a German judge who might hear one of their patent cases & he testified about his own court?
  • Mon, 12:46: RT @Codepope: … enclose pledge the CEO/CTO is prepared to go to jail rather than comply with court-ordered access by government agency. Kth…
  • Mon, 13:03: RT @adamshostack: "Stores using cell phones to track customers" includes Philz coffee.
  • Mon, 13:06: if these stores know so much about what I'm doing in the shop, why don't I get better service? profiled as cheap?
  • Mon, 17:22: internal Microsoft code analytics platform mentioned at the Faculty Summit
  • Mon, 17:39: RT @rakaz: Amazed by the large number of copyright and trademark infringing apps in the Windows Store. Microsoft should do more to weed out…
  • Mon, 17:39: RT @harlemS: "Nokia should have went with Android" Said no one who has recently looked at earnings reports from anyone besides Samsung.
  • Mon, 18:01: Gates gives a commonsense business view of the value of patents & IP, points out it funds research & commercial & free software can coexist
  • Mon, 18:03: point of information: JK Rowling got turned down by plenty of publishers for Harry Potter too. people are imperfect.
  • Mon, 18:03: RT @gcaughey: Bill Gates: 10 million lives have been saved due to collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, so thank god for patents!
  • Mon, 18:10: RT @gcluley: New back-to-front Mac malware records audio and grabs screenshots on infected computers
  • Mon, 18:11: Gates on Bob, Clippy & personality in computers; "it will re-emerge. we were just ahead of our time - like most of our mistakes"
  • Mon, 18:28: maybe the Xbox One changes are more about delaying digital features than taking them away? Xbox needs better comms
  • Mon, 18:36: MSR: people do want online privacy but don't seem to want 'pay' in any way for them
  • Mon, 18:48: Most interesting point about the San Jose/Office 365 news? Deal includes StorSimple storage on premise & Azure #infinitestorage
  • Mon, 19:10: if you've never looked at the detail of how @stevesi reorganised WinDiv is a reprise (fairly detailed reprise ;-)
  • Mon, 19:22: does your web site use too much JavaScript? almost certainly, stop it.
  • Mon, 19:30: 3 banks monetise 95% of all the spam MSR looked at; also, they bought pharma drugs from spam & tested the pills that arrived
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