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  • Mon, 13:12: If Don Mattrick wanted to acquire a company as low-life as Zynga, my respect for him just plummeted
  • Mon, 14:33: Very nearly spat coffee all over @sbisson watching the #wpc13 skit; did the @surface survive?
  • Mon, 15:07: Ballmer says Google bigger than Microsoft cloud Amazon smaller & most other clouds are only 100K customers #wpc13 interesting cloud overview
  • Mon, 15:12: Ballmer is giving an *excellent* overview of cloud for business, what big data is good for in this keynote #wpc13
  • Mon, 15:14: Ballmer: social is not a single product, it's a way of working #wpc13 another really good primer on these new trends, 10k foot view
  • Mon, 15:15: OK, 15,000 #wpc13 attendees of whom 3,000 have never been to a WPC before. interesting
  • Mon, 15:23: RT @bdsams: Ballmer clearly understands the cloud model and how to effectively incorporate it into existing business models.
  • Mon, 15:25: Microsoft adding UX design competency for partners; that's a *really* important trend, assuming they get it right #wpc13
  • Mon, 15:41: RT @josefajardo: haha .. from an MS person :) "I've said it before and I'll say it again, we're too damn disorganized to be as evil as you…
  • Mon, 15:57: this is the kind of PC you would have in a... reviewer's workshop!
  • Mon, 16:15: point of scale; my hand will not reach from top to bottom of @surface Pro the way Jensen's hand does #thismanistall
  • Mon, 16:16: point of info; the build of Windows 8.1 Jensen is demoing at #spc is is not the Preview build; some extra features
  • Mon, 16:20: like the version of the Mail app Jensen is showing at #wpc13 ? coming at GA, read more about the features here
  • Mon, 16:26: OEMs get Windows 8.1 in late August so holiday PCs get it; does that say RTM in late August or maybe September?
  • Mon, 16:34: RT @WinObs: Love me some @msonenote - everyone should be using OneNote!
  • Mon, 16:38: way to go confusing people, Microsoft, calling the RT Vivo "a full Windows 8 platform with Office and Outlook" #wpc13
  • Mon, 16:40: "the innovation in hinge" is something I've been waiting a decade for ;-) #wpc
  • Mon, 16:56: the question & terminology of what it means to 'ship' an operating system is changing with Windows 8.1; does 'to OEMs' = RTM, available?
  • Mon, 17:00: Nice #wpc13 demo of Office 2013 apps; smart tags redux, Hailstorm delivered
  • Mon, 17:07: think UX design competency for partners helps Microsoft push Microsoft Design Language as replacement name for Metro
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