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  • Thu, 18:02: Want a new, better or just better paid job in IT? Get certified on cloud; it's where the jobs are (me on Trainsignal)
  • Thu, 18:19: Small dig from @levie about SharePoint team losing his email but interesting to see other SaaS services viewing Azure as opportunity
  • Thu, 18:33: Counting the #bldwin badges I realized @rainypixels must have had a stretch goal ;-)
  • Thu, 18:40: "Guggs & Shew; sounds like a really bad cop show" Wait, together they fight crime? New roles for DPE ;-) #bldwin
  • Thu, 18:49: 1 year of Adobe Creative Cloud for #bldwin attendees, free year of Office 365. Outlook cloudy for devs is a good thing
  • Thu, 18:56: Foursquare, Walgreen, Photosynth, predictive keyboard gestures; Windows on a small tablet is really blurring the smartphone lines
  • Thu, 18:57: RT @maryjofoley: Guggs: Want to know how to get a head start in building apps for Xbox One? Start building Win 8 apps. #CommonWin8Core #bl
  • Thu, 19:02: So much packed into the Guggs&Shew #bldwin demoes; something like 1 announcement every 2 minutes. GPU programming in Visual Studio, Unity...
  • Thu, 19:18: SAP app demo on #WindowsPhone something I've seen on BlackBerry 10 before, coming to WP good for business users
  • Thu, 20:21: Painting a landscape has a whole new meaning with Project Spark says @wasbuxton introducing principles of designing for ubiquitous computing
  • Fri, 08:33: Really people (services, webdevs); stop doing broken user agent sniffing and learn feature set. It's 2013!
  • Fri, 08:38: On-screen predictive keyboard hugely improved in Windows 8.1, maybe approaching Windows Phone levels
  • Fri, 08:40: Hey @ie how about 11 home page tabs for ie11?
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